How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars.Acne Scars are a major problem, especially for people with hormone disorders, oily skin, and adolescents. These are not the only problem that acne causes. It is also painful when they occur, and which appear to be bad when they end. Acne scar is another question in minds about acne. Touch them without sterilizing your hands, trying to squeeze when it has not appear yet and, not doing proper skin care / cleaning creates a suitable environment for acne scars.

In addition, some methods used when trying to get rid of these marks can cause irreversible damage to your skin. We list many professional and traditional methods for these annoying scars, which can lead to self-confidence problems, especially in adolescent individuals.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars with 13 Method

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Method 1

Skin cleansing is the most important step not only for acne scar treatment, but also for preventing acne formation, black spot or pore problems, and having a fresh appearance.

You should use cleaning products according to your skin type (dry, oily, mixed), cleaning your skin at regular intervals, especially before the sleep. These products allow the skin to breathe, prevent the formation of acne, acne scar treatment and reduce the incidence of existing scars.

Method 2

The cosmetics industry offers many products that claim to be remedy for acne scar treatment. Using these chemical products in the winter months would be beneficial for reducing contact with the sun; getting products without taking specialist advice can lead to undesirable results.

For this reason you can search for remedies with natural masks for acne scar treatment.

Method 3

Cider vinegar has the ability to supply vitamins that the skin needs. For this reason, it is one of the most important herbal products used in skin care masks. Cider vinegar should be used with cotton and massage before going to bed at night.

This is very important in filling the gaps created by acne spots, solve acne scar treatment issue and will also enable the spots to destroy.

Method 4

Use of honey for acne scar treatment is one of the important herbal methods to gain skin a certain amount of required oil. Without any mixture, apply the natural honey to your face and wash thoroughly after a while. In regular practice you will see the difference in acne formation. It is important to note that the honey mask is more suitable for dry skin.

Method 5

Lemon juice is highly effective in eliminating acne scar treatment and drying the acne. After squeezing into a half-lemon slice, apply the lemon juice over the areas where the acne scar treatment are with cotton.

After 10 minutes, clean your skin thoroughly. Lemon juice is very effective for the skin with black spots, wrinkles, acne formation and acnes will appeal to your skin. It is recommended to apply those with dry skin.

Method 6

Carbonate mask is another natural mask that is good for acne scar treatment. You need half a table spoon carbonate and one table spoon water for the carbonate mask that needs to be applied carefully.

After mixing the carbonate and water thoroughly and bringing it to the consistency of the dough, apply it carefully by massaging the part where the acnes are. After 5 minutes, wash thoroughly with warm water.

The point you need to be aware of when applying a carbonated mask is water. When carbonate applies acne directly, it can cause the increase of acne. When you apply only acne formation you will see that there are no scars anymore.

Method 7

Another natural method is to use the leaves of the plantago. As plantago leaves reduce acne scar treatment, the newly formed acne quickly dry up and let it to end without a scar.

Crush the plantago leaves that you got from the transplant by putting it in a bowl and take out the water. Compress your skin with the water coming out. Wash it after waiting for half an hour.

Method 8

The “dermaroller” or “dermapen” procedures, also known as the micro needling system, are effective applications to get rid of acne scar treatment. Dermarols with numerous micro-needles on it are applied, 30 minutes after application of anesthetic cream to the area need to be treated.

Tens of thousands of micro-channels are opened thanks to the micro-needles on the surface of the device. With the stimulation of these micro-channels, the skin synthesizes new connective tissue elements to repair itself.

Dermapen is a tool that allows these micro-needles to be longitudinally applied to a pencil-shaped casing. For the reduction of acne scar treatment, 4 sessions per month are recommended.

Method 9

With the microdermabrasion method, the skin is sieved with high pressure aluminum oxide crystals. This provides faster destruction of damaged, removed cells and skin contemination on the skin surface. It is effective in the superficial treatment for acne. In general, combined applications with recurrent applications and other treatment options are beneficial for acne scar treatment.

Method 10

PRP treatment (Platelet rich plasma) which can also be applied in cases of skin rejuvenation and hair loss is also used in the treatment of acne scars. In the PRP process, the blood of the person to be treated is taken and centrifuged and separated in special devices. This separation results in platelet rich plasma in the blood.

The plasma obtained is injected into the skin at intervals of about 1 cm. Growth factors released from platelets help stimulate new cells in the skin by stimulating stem cells. In this respect, it is aimed that the detriment area and acne scar treatment have recovered due to acne.

When combined with other cosmetic procedures such as radiofrequency and dermaroller, the application is more successful. It is recommended to perform 3-4 sessions of PRP with a 15-day search.

Method 11

Fractional radio frequency application, commonly known as a gold pin, is a widely used method in the last period. The radiofrequency is given to the skin through gold needles which have a very good conductivity and provide controlled conductivity without damaging the surrounding tissues. Controlled damage is created by the increase in temperature in the deep lower layers.

The skin tries to repair this damage and stimulates the synthesis of connective tissue to restore acne. After 40-45 minutes of treatment, the person can continue to social life with one to two hours of redness. This is a very effective and comfortable method. Sometimes even one session can get the desired result.

Method 12

Filling the underside of the deep acne scars with fillers is another option. It is an effective and temporary application and it is recommended to repeat after 8-12 months.

Method 13

It is absolutely necessary to use sun cream before going out or under make-up not to get more acne scars. If you cannot use any method, you should get a sun cream. This will prevent the proliferation of existing acne scar treatment. Because the areas of acne scars in your skin are very sensitive to the sun and need protection.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars
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