Forgot Skype Password – What to Do ?

If you Forgot Skype Password, you can change it via your email address to get back into your account. We show how it works. You no longer have access to the world of Skype video calling because you forgot your password and even your registered email address? No problem! Netzwelt shows you step by step how to regain access to your Skype account.

Forgot Skype Password – What to Do ?

A forgotten password can often lead to some problems. But do not worry, we’ll help you if you can not remember your Skype password. Just follow our step-by-step guide.

Forgot Skype Password

Reset Skype password

Note: It does not matter if you use the browser version of Skype or the desktop or smartphone app . The manual works the same for all versions.

Step 1:

Open Skype in the browser or via the desktop or smartphone app and enter your used e-mail address, phone number or Skype name in the login window . Then click on ” Next “.

Step 2:

Then select ” I forgot my password. ” Below .

Step 3:

In the next step you have to select ” I forgot my password ” again and confirm by clicking on ” Next “.

Step 4:

Now enter the displayed verification code in the appropriate field. Then click on ” Next “.

Step 5:

Now you have to confirm your identity . For this you should receive a security code. You have to choose whether you want to have it sent to the stored e-mail address or to your stored telephone number – as a call or SMS.
Select an option and click Next .

Step 6:

You have now been given a code via the selected method . Enter this in the appropriate field and then click on ” Next “.

Step 7:

Now you can reset your password . Think of the safest possible password . Enter this in the respective fields and confirm with a click on ” Next “.

Step 8:

Now your account has been restored . You complete the process by clicking ” Next “. Now you can use your Skype account as usual.

Note: If recovery problems arise, Skype support can be contacted through website . There you will be helped in case of problems. If you generally have trouble remembering passwords, a password manager may be advisable .

quick start Guide

  1. Go to the Skype website . Hover over ” Sign In ” in the top right corner and then click ” Use Skype Online ” from the drop-down menu . If you’re using the desktop or smartphone version, all you have to do is start it .
  2. In the login window, enter your used e-mail address, phone number or Skype name . Then click on ” Next “.
  3. In the next step, click on ” I forgot my password. “.
  4. Then select the top option ” I forgot my password. ” And confirm with ” Next “.
  5. Enter the code below. Then click on ” Next “.
  6. Now you can choose how you want to receive the verification code. This can either be sent to the linked e-mail address, sent via SMS to a specified telephone number or communicated to you by telephone . Choose a variant and then click on ” Next “. The code should now arrive at the chosen method.
  7. Now enter the code in the next window and then click on ” Next “.
  8. Now you can reset your password. Enter a new password twice and confirm with ” Next “.
  9. Now you can log in to your Skype account with your new Skype password .

Set up new Skype password

  1. Open the Skype website to reset your password.
  2. Enter your e-mail address there and click on the button “send e-mail”.
  3. You will now receive an e-mail in which you will find both a link and a code.
  4. Either open the link directly or enter the code on Skype’s website.
  5. Then click on the “Reset password” button and enter your new password.
  6. The “Save” button deletes your old password and saves the new one.

Skype: forgot password

  1. If you have Skype open on the PC, you can click in the login window at the bottom left on the link problems with the registration .
  2. Otherwise, you will open this Skype website .
  3. Enter your e-mail address, which you also specified on Skype, and click on Continue.
  4. You will receive an e-mail whose link you can use to reset your password.

Skype: Change password if you still know it

If you want to change your password, and still know the old, go like this:

  1. Open your Skype account settings in the browser .
  2. If necessary, log in with your username and password.
  3. Click on the change password under the link .
  4. You may need to log in again.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

No access to old e-mail address anymore

If you no longer have access to the registered email address or if you no longer know it, it will be difficult, especially if you have not previously paid for a Skype product and there is no further information on Skype for identification. Then it is advisable to create a new Skype account .

But if you have bought products, you can also submit your Skype name instead of the e-mail address and have the billing data of the last six months ready to confirm the identity. These would be the first and the family name, the country and the order number or the credit card details (without a security code, of course). Everything has been checked and confirmed, you should get back access to his account. Contact Skype Support for more information .

Forgot your password and e-mail address?

The matter becomes a little more complicated if you have forgotten both your access password and your registered e-mail address. But even for this complete loss of control over your Skype account, the video telephony provider has a solution ready.

For example, if you have used a paid Skype product, Support may identify you through your credit card details and give you back access to your account. If this is not the case, unfortunately only the option to create a completely new account remains.

Forgot Skype Password – What to Do ?
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