How to Download Youtube Videos on Iphone

Download Youtube Videos on Iphone or iPad is not very complicated. It is actually very easy from the moment you follow the steps described below.Watch offline YouTube videos by downloading them locally using iOS shortcuts.

YouTube fans are well aware that watching a video when the Internet connection is uncertain soon turns out to be very tiresome: low stream quality, unexpected power cuts, and other charging problems turn what should be a moment of relaxation, when intense frustration.

How to Download Youtube Videos on Iphone

To avoid this kind of situation, especially when traveling, it is quite possible to download a YouTube video to view it comfortably, offline.

Download Youtube Videos on Iphone

1- Download Shortcut

Step one, download Shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad. This application allows you to create automation scripts to perform tedious or repetitive tasks with your iPhone or iPad. Updating Fire Workflow, Shortcuts remains compatible with the scripts generated by the old Apple automation application.

2- Get the shortcut

To help users find new uses with its Shortcuts app, Apple offers a ready-to-use shortcut gallery (this was already the case with Workflow). Of these, there is one that, once run, lets you download an audio or video file from YouTube.

From the web browser of your iPhone or iPad, go to the Download YouTube Video & Audio shortcut page . Tap Get Shortcut , and then tap Open in Shortcuts to retrieve the shortcut in the Shortcuts app.

3- Save the shortcut

The shortcut imported in the Shortcuts application opens in the editor. Press the OK button to save it and save it to your shortcut library, and then close the application.

4- Download content

Open the YouTube app and start a video. Tap the Sharing button , and tap More to see more options.

In the iOS sharing sheet that appears, look for the Shortcuts option and press it. The Shortcuts application launches.
Tap the YouTube Video & Audio Download shortcut . If an alert window appears, confirm it by pressing Run Shortcut .

Wait while the script runs until a pop-up appears, and select the file format you want to back up.

The resulting file is displayed in a preview window. Tap the share button at the bottom left, and select Record video .

The file is then saved directly in the film of the iPhone or iPad.

Download Youtube Videos on Iphone with Download a file manager

First, install the Documents by Readdle app . It is a file manager with an integrated web browser, making it easy to download and upload YouTube videos.

Copy / paste the link of the video to download. For ease, you can do it via the Youtube app. You search for the video, click on the share button and click on “Copy link”.

To download the video, use the built-in browser in the Documents app. You open the app and just click on the icon at the bottom right. There you do a search for a Youtube video download service or type in the address of one of these services such as Pickvideo .

Once you have the link, return to the Documents application. Touch the icon in the lower right corner to open its built-in browser. Browse to a website that can download YouTube videos, such as

Recording the video

Tap and hold the “Enter Video Link” field until you can paste the link that is in your clipboard. Paste to add the link to your YouTube video. Then press the “Download” button.

After a while, the site will generate download links for your video. Scroll to the very bottom, avoiding advertisements, until you see the text “Download video with sound”. Press the Download button next to the quality you want to save.

Then you will see a prompt to save the file. If you wish, you can change the name of your video to something more descriptive. The default save location is correct; press Done to save it. You can press the Downloads button in the bottom toolbar to check its progress.

Move the video

From there, you just have to move the video to the desired folder. Tap the Folder icon in the lower-right corner of the app, and open your Downloads folder. Tap the icon under the file you just downloaded, and choose Move.

Under Recent, you can see the Photos folder. If so, tap on to jump directly to this folder. If it is not, go to Documents> Photos. In either case, just tap Move to Photos at the bottom of the screen to move the video.

You have finished ! Open the Photos app on your phone and you should see your new video. It will appear next to your most recent photos, as well as the Videos folder on the Albums tab.

Download Youtube Videos on Iphone with Workflow app

For reasons of data plan, air travel, or poor network coverage, users may want to download YouTube videos in their photo film to be able to see and listen to them at any time.

There is a method published this weekend on the YouTube Channel MobileAddict (that of an editor of our team), which allows to download YouTube videos on an iPhone and iPad using the Workflow app, bought by Apple and now offered for free on the App Store.

Here’s how to download YouTube videos on iPhone and iPad  :

  • You have to go to the App Store and download the Workflow app available here on the App Store .
  • Launch the Safari browser, then go to Google and type in the search engine ” workflow download youtube audio ” or ” workflow download youtube “.
  • This will launch the Workflow app, and then press ” Get Workflow ” to install this recipe for downloading YouTube videos.
  • Now you have to launch the official YouTube app and go to a video to download.
  • Once on the video page, press the ” Share ” button below the video, and scroll through the list of sharing options to the right, and press ” More .”
  • In the iOS sharing menu, you must press the ” Run Workflow ” extension , if it is not offered, activate it by pressing ” Other ” and checking “Run Workflow”.
  • After pressing the “Run Workflow” extension, select the previously downloaded recipe called ” Download Video & Audio “
  • A progress bar for downloading the video is displayed, once it is finished, the app offers several options, you must select ” Save as Video “, which will display a preview of the downloaded video
  • you just have to press the share button at the bottom left of the preview and select ” Save Video “.
  • And now the YouTube video has been saved in the photo film .

As a bonus, the Workflow recipe also offers to extract audio from a video and save it as an MP3 file to listen to in any player.

Importantly, this method allows you to download YouTube videos directly from the official app, however it does not work with all videos including some music clips that are protected against this method of downloading.

download YouTube videos on iPhone / mac

Download Youtube videos on your PC, Mac or iOS smartphone to watch them later! This tip uses web services and third-party applications, such as Documents 5, as well as browser extensions that work on both PCs and Macs. And allow you to download any content from the streaming platform.

Download a Youtube video on your PC, Mac and iPhone

It is nowadays quite easy to download Youtube videos on your PC. Of course, there are even applications to do that. But because of the risk of malware, it is rather better to avoid this solution as much as possible, or failing to properly test the programs in question, which is for example the case of Vadle, given in this article. Note that online services and extensions exist to make your job easier.

Use to download Youtube videos

First of all there is a service,, which you can use on a smartphone if you want to download files (see our method for iPhone and iPad). This service can also download videos hosted on many other platforms, such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.

  • Go to the Youtube page of the video you want to download
  • Copy the contents of the address bar
  • Go to
  • Copy the link in the field indicated on the site
  • follow the instructions

Note: Recently, the site also offers the download of a companion program. We could not test it ourselves to know if it contained malware or not.

Download a Youtube video on your iPhone or iPad

You’ve probably tried to download – without success – a Youtube video on your iPhone. Do not be discouraged ! In fact, natively, Internet browsers iOS do not allow the download of files: this is where the Documents application    intervenes. It is a file explorer that offers other features including a browser.

Install Documents (By Readdle on the App Store)

  • From your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store and search for Documents .
  • Download the application

Download a Youtube video

  • Open Documents
  • Touch the compass at the bottom right of the screen: this will open a browser in the application that will allow you later to download your video to the location of your choice.
  • Browse to find the Youtube video you are looking for – click on it as if you were going to read it (but do not read it).
  • Copy the address of the video in the address bar
  • Still in Documents go to
  • Enter the address you copied from Youtube and click on the blue button on the right to find the corresponding .mp4 file
  • Click Download
  • Documents offers you to choose a name and location, just as you would on your computer
  • confirm
How to Download Youtube Videos on Iphone
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