How to Download Youtube Videos on Android

You can download YouTube videos on your Android smartphone for offline viewing. This is very easy and fast with the right app. With a simple trick, you can watch your favorite videos from YouTube even without an internet connection. All you need is a free app. What that is and how exactly the download works, you will learn in the following lines.

Download Youtube Videos on Android with TubeMate

The most popular Android video download app is called “TubeMate” and can be downloaded for free. However, the app is no longer found on the Google Play Store because Google has removed all apps of this type.

Download Youtube Videos on Android

  1. Download the APK file in our App section . You must then manually install this file on your smartphone.
  2. Then open the application on your smartphone. The interface looks a bit confusing at first, but is basically nothing more than the mobile version of the YouTube website.
  3. To download a concrete video, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and search for it.
  4. Once you’ve found your video, tap it once. You will now see a green download arrow above, which you also touch once.
  5. Now select the resolution in which you want to download the video. To save space, it makes sense to choose the value according to your display resolution.
  6. Then go to the green download icon again. The video will be downloaded to the Video folder on your memory card.

YouTube Downloader for Android

If you would like to download YouTube videos directly on your smartphone, you should do so via Wi-Fi if possible to save your data volume. You will not find any YouTube Converter in the Google Play Store because, as the owner of YouTube, Google will not be interested in having its users download the videos. A suitable and popular app is TubeMate YouTube Downloader .

The installation takes place via a so-called APK file. With TubeMate you can search YouTube videos just like on the YouTube app. The download will be displayed with a green arrow, with which you activate the download. Your video can be found as usual in the designated folder.

Other good alternatives include Peggo and Snabtube , which let you see the list of the most popular videos on YouTube and manage your own channel.

If you shy away from installing the download app, you can also use an online service like Videograbber . As with the online desktop version, enter the YouTube URL in the window provided and just click Download.

Free YouTube Downloader for Android

Are you on a long road trip? Do you travel to work on the subway every day? Do you need entertainment? How about YouTube video and music for killing time?

With Syncios YouTube Downloader , you can now download all your favorite YouTube videos on the go, right to your Android Phone and Tablet, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Moto, etc.

With just a few simple clicks, you can save any video on YouTube on your Android phone for offline viewing. You can even convert music videos into MP3 files that you can put on your playlist.

The Best YouTube Downloader for Android

Download tools for YouTube enjoy great popularity on the PC: Several tools are in the top 100 of the download charts of CHIPrepresented. A completely different picture, however, in the App Store for Android : Hardly a YouTube Downloader can be downloaded here as an app. The reason: Google regularly removes apps that are designed for this purpose to protect its video platform.

Peggo for Android: Simpler YouTube downloader with integrated editing function

Above all, the free YouTube downloader Peggo convinces with its simple presentation and the integrated editing function, with which you can trim downloaded videos and music pieces according to your own wishes in the same app.

SnapTube for Android: Stylish look and support for many video portals

The likewise free downloader SnapTube supports not only YouTube but also all other common video portals, making it an incredibly powerful tool. The user interface is very well designed and can be operated comfortably.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader: The classic downloader

The undisputed number one among us as well as our readers is still the TubeMate YouTube Downloader . Despite its stale design, the Downloader app convinces with a simple operation, numerous file formats and an all-round good impression.

Download Youtube videos on Android

Of course, you can transfer the videos downloaded on the Windows PC to your Android device. Alternatively, you can first upload a video to an online storage service and then download it back to the Android smartphone or tablet using the app that’s right for the service. This is not only cumbersome, but also a waste of time and resources.

It would be easier to use an app, but in the official Google Play Store, Google does not allow apps that have a download feature for Youtube videos. Alternatively, there are unofficial Android app stores such Youtube download apps, but the danger of catching a pest is great.

More convenient and safer is the use of the mobile variant of Convert2mp3 on the Android smartphone or tablet with an existing wireless connection at home. First, open the Youtube app on your smartphone and find the video you want. Then at the bottom of the Youtube player (between video player and video description), click on the “Share” icon and then tap “Copy Link”. The link to the Youtube video is now in the clipboard.

Now go to the browser app and enter the URL . On the smartphone now opens the mobile version of the service. Tap and hold your finger on the input field and then select “Paste” in the context menu. Now choose the desired format and quality. The video will then be downloaded.

How to Download Youtube Videos on Android
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