How to Delete Skype Contacts ( Step by Step )

How to Delete Skype Contacts. Once you have added the person to the Skype contact list, you can easily manage them. If you want to delete Skype Contacts, Skype gives you two ways. The other way is more practical as one is longer.Whether it is people who are disturbing us through social media or instant communication programs or who we do not want to talk anymore is a very common situation we often encounter. Just as there are people who we add to my contact list, the people we want to delete after a while will have absolute confusion.

In this process, the opportunities and practicality offered by the instant communication program we use are introduced.

Delete Skype Contacts

Delete Skype Contacts

By removing a contact from your contact list, you can always show each other offline, but you can still communicate with each other. You need to stop it to prevent someone from communicating with you.

To Delete Skype Contacts list:

1- Sign in to Skype for Windows 10.

2- At your contact list, find the person you want to remove. Right-click on the contact’s name and select Remove from Contacts.

3- This person is removed from your contact list, but continues to appear with a question mark next to it on the Near Time tab. Right-click on the contact’s name to view the relevant options: Add to Contacts or Block This Contact.

How to Rename Skype Contacts

You can easily rename people in your contact list:

1- Sign in to Skype for Windows 10.

2- In your contact list, right-click on the contact and select View Profile.

3- Click on the name, type a new name for your contact and press the Enter key.

How to Find a Skype contact

When you start to type in a name in the search box from your recent calls or the Contacts tab, your conversation history with this person is displayed.

To find people who are not in your contact list, type in the contact’s email address or in the Skype Name search box and click Search in Skype. In the search results, select the person you are looking for and send an instant message to them. It’s that easy.

How to Block Skype Contact

To block the Skype User that you use on your computer, you are going to block which person you are going to over it. With your mouse, right click with the right button to open the options section. If you press the “Block this person …” entry, you are blocking the person.

How to Block Skype Contact from iphone ?

When you open the window you are going to overturn the bell on the bottom right corner … we are printing the marked one. Then, we press the profile name, press again in the bottom right corner of the right corner of the window to open the block by pressing the button, we have blocked the person.

How to remove block Skype Contact ?

On Skype you will see a red blocking mark next to the profile of the person we have blocked. When we click on the right button of this mouse on this person’s profile, we will open a window where we remove the “Unblock this person …” section.

Other You can see the people you have blocked from where you are from Contacts> Advanced> Manage Blocked Contacts … from here you add them back to the list.

How do I find my friends on Skype?

Skype is even better with friends. Using the search bar on Skype you can search for and find your friends. You can search for your friends name, Skype name, email address or phone number. We can also help you narrow down your search results by displaying the number of your partners and finding the right people.

Find your friends by their location

Your friends can often be common names. Using a location you can find them more easily. For example, only by writing “Can Demir İstanbul” or more specifically “Can Demir in Istanbul”. Remember that you must have typed your location in your Skype profile to find your friend this way.

Manage your profile settings

To make it easier for your friends to find you, you can add or change your information, such as your location, email address, or phone number, to your Skype profile. If you do not want to be in search and suggestions, you can disable it here.


It prevents you from finding Skype calls and removes you from common friend suggestions, but if you sync your address book, or if you match your phone number, email address, or Skype Name, people may contact you. You can still see the number of common friends in the search, but you will not be included in this number when others are searching.

How to Delete Talk History on Skype

Let’s learn how to delete the conversation history on Skype, which comes after Live Messenger.

Do not delete the conversation history on Skype in five steps.

1- Sign in to Skype first. Click the “Tools” and “Options” tabs in the top menu.

2. In the window that opens, click the “Instant Messages & SMS” button.

3 – Click the “Show Advanced Options” button on the right.

4 – This section contains a lot of Skype settings. (as you can see visually) You can make many settings in this section. You can ensure that your correspondence is not recorded. You can select “Continue” next to “History Registration” as “Retention”. After that, your conversations will not be saved.

5 – You can click on the tab next to the Pen picture when you are typing on Skype and you see the “Show Tarafa Against My Writing” warning. Finally, as you can see in the picture, you can click the “Delete History” button to delete the entire conversation history.