How to Delete Instagram Account

Delete Instagram Account. You have created an account on the mobile social network Instagram. But you want to delete it and recover your photos. Follow the different steps.

You can not take any more of these photos of tempting dishes, these sunsets on paradisiac beaches or these magnificent evenings to which you will never participate? We explain today how to delete an Instagram account.

How to Delete Instagram Account

The social network of photo sharing is the ideal place to mount and make people talk. And that most people have understood. They reveal only the good sides of their lives, just to make all their subscribers turn green with jealousy. Who has already published a photo of a canned lasagna dish?

Delete Instagram Account

What is Instagram and what is it for?

Mobile social network and also application of sharing and retouching images, Instagram is also a marketing tool that has proven very effective for some companies. The principle is to create an account on which you publish photos. You can subscribe to other people’s accounts to follow their news. The application today has nearly 1 billion users worldwide.

Disable Instagram

The removal of his Instagram account is irreversible and leads to the deletion of all published content, this is why Instagram offers an option to disable the account, which allows you to go back:

  • Open the Instagram site .
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on the profile icon in the top right and then on “modify the profile”.
  • Choose “Temporarily disable my account”.
  • Confirm with your password.

Once this is done your account will be hibernated, which means that your content will no longer be accessible to anyone and we will no longer be able to find you on Instagram. Nevertheless, if you wish, it is possible to reactivate it at any time.

Delete Instagram account?

You no longer want to view your photos or you want to delete them from your account? You can delete your Instagram account by accessing a dedicated page. Just fill out the form and click on “Permanently delete my account”.

  • To delete your account, please login and access the following page:
  • Please choose a reason for your unsubscription (you can choose “other”):
  • Confirm your password in the box provided.
  • Finally click on the red button “Permanently delete my account” at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, do not forget to remove the application from your smartphone!

Can we find his account if we change our mind?

Unfortunately, if you have permanently deactivated your Instagram account, you will not be able to find it according to the site’s usage policy. You need to recreate one and consider turning it off temporarily and not permanently if you change your mind.

Can we recover the history of his photos?

You must recover your photos before deleting your account. The Instagram app automatically saves photos on your mobile phone or on your computer to a folder as long as you have properly synchronized the images.

Permanently delete an Instagram account

For those who wish to put an end to their Instagram account, there is another far more radical method. Before you start, it is recommended to make a backup of all your photos or videos. After, it will be too late.

  • Open the page dedicated to account deletion on Instagram
  • Enter your username and PIN
  • Select from the list the reason you want to permanently close your account
  • Enter your password one last time
  • Click on the red button

Once it is down, you can not reactivate your account or even recover all the content posted. You just have to uninstall the Instagram application of your mobile.

Why do I have to go through this guide to permanently close my Instagram account?

In 2015 Instagram made some changes on the account deletion process, the social network does everything so that you do not permanently delete your account, it only allows to temporarily disable his account from the profile management pages and it is difficult to find the method to delete his account permanently. We offer on this page the possibility via this guide to permanently delete his Instagram account in a very simple way.

Save what’s important, forget the rest

If you were an active user of Instagram, you probably have data that has an emotional impact (photos, videos, comments …). Before uninstalling the application, think about what you can lose and make sure to recover the photos you want to keep

If for some reason you have deleted the application but want to reinstall it, you will find it under the following link.

How to disable (temporarily) my Instagram account?

  • Go to the Instagram site  and identify yourself
  • Click on your profile on the top right then on “Edit profile”
  • Click on the bottom right on “Temporarily deactivate my account”
  • Explain why you want to leave the app
  • Enter your password again and click on “Temporarily deactivate my account”

How to completely remove my Instagram account?

  • Visit Instagram’s account removal site
  • Identify yourself using your username and password (if you are not already logged in)
  • Choose a reason why you want to delete your account
  • Enter your password again and click on “Permanently deactivate my account”

Have you ever considered deleting your Instagram account or an account on one of the many social networks?

How to delete or disable an Instagram account?

Instagram is experiencing a vast movement of disinterest, after a noticeable start. The piracy of celebrity Instagram accounts and the distribution of very personal photos help to encourage caution. In addition, users are sometimes tired of staggering their daily lives around the world, and give up using Instagram. The removal of the Instagram account is then the best method to disappear from this social network deemed unreliable.

1 – Why users leave Instagram

Instagram has benefited during its creation from the craze for photos made from smartphones . The photos , their modifications and their sharing became almost instantaneous. Facebook was not mistaken and bought the social network to complete its offer.

But the purchase was accompanied by a new policy of use much more restrictive, with the risk of spoliation of intellectual property on online photos.

As a result, many users unsubscribe from Instagram and delete their account.

2 – How to unsubscribe from Instagram?

The deletion of an Instagram account is possible that from the web . No need to search on your Instagram app how to delete your account.

The removal process is very simple, and explained in the Instagram FAQ. But you just have to unsubscribe from Instagram to watch our video , and to access the account removal page .

  • You will need to do this, after clicking on the link on the page ” Delete your account “, you identify and enter your password.
  • A drop-down menu is offered next to ” Why do you delete your account “, and you must choose a reason.
  • Confirming the delete request again requires entering the Instagram password. Note that Instagram does not allow you to delete your account without choosing a reason to unsubscribe.
  • Then clicking on ” Delete my account permanently ” will exit Instagram.

3 – What happens to photos and videos on Instagram?

Instagram will delete your profile, but also everything about you. Know then that delete an Instagram account is permanently removes your profile , your pictures , your videos , your comments , your words ” I love ” and your subscribers .

You should also be aware that when you have deleted an Instagram account , you will not be ableto re-register with the same username.

4 – Why not a break?

If you think you may be interested in Instagram again, it may be best not to delete your account, but simply to take a break .

The temporary deactivation of an Instagram account makes it possible not to lose all the photos and videos, to keep his profile, comments and all the data.

Temporary deactivation can not be done from the application. So use the web.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Click on the human silhouette at the top right, and choose ” Edit Profile “.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on ” Temporarily disable my account “.
  • Instagram asks you the reason for your temporary deactivation, as well as your password.
  • When you have specified a deactivation reason , which is mandatory, you will be able to click on ” Temporarily deactivate the account “.

Another way to be less present, without deleting an Instagram account, is to select the private mode for your publications, or to block the people you want to exclude.

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