How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

You want to Delete Facebook Account Permanently ? We explain how it works and what you should be aware of. After it has just been revealed that the data of 50 million Facebook users in the US were spied for the election campaign , many want to delete their Facebook account.

After all, data that is sent to third parties can no longer be protected or retrieved. However, Facebook does not make it easy for its users to permanently delete the Facebook account . The result: Many only deactivate their account without permanently deleting it. We’ll explain how to delete your account immediately or just disable it .

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

For many, Facebook is no longer considered trustworthy when it comes to handling personal data. But how do you finally say goodbye to the social network?

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

To completely delete your Facebook account , you must submit a request for cancellation to Facebook. To do this you first have to open the “Menu” (three bars on the bottom right) and scroll down to the “Settings” .

– Then you open the pop-up menu via “Help and Support” and tap on “Help area” .

– There, you tap on “manage your account” and select the bottom menu item “delete or deactivate your account” .

– In the following list you open the point “How do I delete my account permanently?” . In the following explanation you have to scroll in the text to the blue background “Share it with us” . Once you type, you can submit the request for deletion after entering your password.

The processing time is up to 90 days and Facebook indicates that even after deletion sent messages remain in the accounts of other users, all other personal information is completely removed.

Disable Facebook Account Permanently

If you do not want to permanently delete your account on Facebook, but simply do not want to use it right now, you can simply deactivate the account . This will keep your data available should you wish to use the account again in the future.

– To deactivate your Facebook account, you have to open the “Menu” (three bars on the bottom right) and scroll down to the “Settings” .

– Then you also type “Settings” and in the pop-up menu on “Account settings” .

– You are now in your personal settings, tapping “General” and then “Manage Account” . There you can set your estate contact and deactivate your account.

– Now you tap on “Deactivate” and you have to enter your password.

In the following window you have to select a reason, this concerns privacy concerns as a reason and then scroll down to the very bottom and tap on “Disable” again .

Check privacy and access rights of Facebook

If you want to keep your Facebook account, but still want to protect your data as best as possible, you can do so through privacy settings and review and adjust the access rights of the Facebook app . Via the Facebook menu (three bars on the bottom right) you will get to the “Settings” and type “Account settings” in the pop-up menu .

Then you type in “privacy” . Here you can check all sorts of settings and customize them to your liking. At the same time, Facebook also explains the consequences of the adjustments. For more privacy on Facebook, you should also check once the access rights to your Facebook data .

permanently remove your account

Problem : There is no command in Facebook Account Options to clear the Facebook account. How do you finally sign off on Facebook?

Solution : The form to request the permanent deletion of your own Facebook account, you can find under the help. The link to help can be found at the bottom of the Facebook page. On the help page, type in the “Clear Account” search box and then on the search results page, click “How do I permanently delete my account?”. A text with the explanation of the deletion process appears, in which one clicks on the link “fill this form out”.

Alternatively, enter the following link directly in the browser:

After logging in, you will get directly to the delete window. Before that you have to keep in mind that the admin rights of the supervised pages should be transferred to friends or colleagues, because with the deletion these apps or pages disappear from Facebook. However, the social network explicitly warns against that.

By clicking on “delete my account” the deletion is requested, what you have to confirm with the password and a captcha. Facebook deletes the data but only after a few days. In the meantime, you can not log in to Facebook, otherwise the requested cancellation will be canceled.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
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