How to Delete Apps on Iphone

Delete apps on iPhone. Trashing the iPhone is not a difficult task. After some time you have so many unnecessary apps on your smartphone , that you do not know anymore which ones you actually need and which not. You start collecting apps and become a digital Messi. The foundation for the addiction has been laid. Fortunately, to avoid this you can delete a few apps.

How to Delete Apps on Iphone

If you no longer need or use an app, you can easily delete it on your iPhone. For unused or unneeded apps take up a lot of storage space. How to quickly remove the apps on iOS is explained in a step by step guide.

Delete Apps on Iphone

Access to the home screen

An app can be easily removed from the home screen on the iPhone. How to proceed:

  • Unlock your iPhone so you are on the home screen.
  • Press and hold any app on the Home screen with your finger until the icons start to wobble. For some symbols, a small cross will appear in the left corner.

Complete removal of the app

  • If you press the cross now, you delete the selected app. Before it really disappears, you will be asked again if you really want to delete the affected app. This extra step is designed to prevent you from accidentally deleting the wrong app. In the example, the app “Tips” should be deleted. This looks like this.
  • Finally, select “Remove” and the app will be completely deleted from your iPhone.

If no cross appears for deletion

In some special cases, you may not be able to remove an app despite the correct course of action. If no cross appears for deletion, there may be two reasons:

  • You may have disabled the deletion of apps in Preferences. To correct this, go to your iPhone’s settings and then General / Restrictions. Enter the pin of your code lock and look for the “Delete apps” setting. Here, the switch should be green, so you can delete apps unhindered.
  • If certain apps on your iPhone can not be removed despite this precaution, then these are pre-installed by Apple and not intended for deletion. These are for example apps like “news” and “photos”.

Delete apps on iphone via iTunes

The second way to delete apps on iphone is through iTunes.

  1. Start iTunes.
  2. If you have not already done so, connect your iPhone to the computer.
  3. Just below the play button, click the icon for your iPhone.
  4. It follows a click on  Apps .
  5. After that, you will see  images of your iPhone screens under Home Screens in the right part of the window .
  6. Double-click on the screen from which you want to remove an app.
  7. Hover over the app you want to delete.
  8. An X will appear to the left of the icon – click on it.
  9. This will remove the app.
  10. Then click Apply in the lower right corner of the iTunes window . iTunes then re-syncs the iPhone, deleting the unwanted applications.

Tip: You can reload all apps from the App Store.

If you want to clean up your iPhone thoroughly, it is recommended to create a backup before deleting many apps. That way, you can quickly restore the contents of your iPhone without having to download the apps one at a time.

Delete preinstalled apps

Since iOS 10, preinstalled apps can also be deleted using the path initially described. Calendar, mail, notes, and contacts can all be completely uninstalled, while the news, phone, and Safari applications remain an integral part of iOS and can not be removed. If you would like to use an uninstalled app at a later date, you can easily download and install it from the App Store.

How to Delete Apps on Iphone 7

Removing apps is not hard on the iPhone 7 * (Plus). For Android * mobile phones you have to click through a few menus. If you have an iPhone this is spared and you can delete an app like a widget on Android *. A deleted app has still been purchased. If necessary, you can download this again without detours.

  1. You start by selecting the home screen and selecting the unwanted app. Then hold your finger on it.
  2. When the app starts to vibrate you have your finger on it long enough and start pushing the app to the X-symbol.
  3. If you have reached the icon, you can release the apps icon and delete the app.

Unfortunately, some apps could not be deleted so far. For pre-installed apps, the X-symbol was mostly not displayed here. On iOS 10 you will still be able to delete completely pre-installed apps, but the app will be disabled. To deactivate preinstalled apps under iOS 10, the same procedure is used as for normal deleting of apps. You keep your finger on the app and drag it to the X-symbol. This will remove the app’s shortcut from the homescreen and erase user data in the app, but the program will remain on the iPhone. The reason that you still can not delete these apps is that they are an integral part of the operating system and removal of the apps would jeopardize the security of the system.

How to Delete Apps on Iphone all Models

Deleting apps on the new Apple flagship is not rocket science. In some cases, however, it can happen that apps on the iPhone can not be deleted. For such problems we have some help ready.

So you can delete apps on the iPhone

If you want to delete an application from the iPhone, proceed as follows:

  1. Controls the home screen.
  2. Find the icon for the app you want to remove.
  3. Hold your finger on the app icon.
  4. The symbol starts to move. In addition, an “X” icon will appear above the app icon.
  5. Press the “X” to delete the app from the iPhone 7.

iPhone: Deleting apps is not working? You can do that

In some cases, the “X” does not appear for deletion, no matter how long you hold your finger on the app icon. You can do that if an app can not be deleted:

  1. Under certain circumstances were settings are made that prevent deletion of apps on the iPhone. 7
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” app and select the “General” section.
  3. Here you will find the option “Restrictions”.
  4. It may be necessary to set or enter a restriction code first.
  5. In the “Restrictions” control the section “Delete apps”. Here, the slider must be moved to the right (green), so that the uninstalling of iPhone 7 apps works.

Sometimes an acute error of an app can be responsible for the fact that this application can not be deleted. Restart the iPhone and try the uninstall again. Alternatively, you can take the following route to throw targeted apps from iPhone storage:

  1. Controls the “Settings”.
  2. Select “General”.
  3. Here you control the option for “Storage & iCloud usage”.
  4. Select “Manage memory”. Here you can now scroll through the list of installed programs and games and remove apps that are no longer needed.

Also with the new iPhone there are also some apps that can not be deleted from the system. These are pre-installed applications that are predominantly part of the Apple system cycle. Although the applications can not be completely removed, on iOS 10 it is possible to delete at least the icons and the user data of the pre-installed apps in order to keep the home screen clean. Does it as described above.

can I delete preinstalled apps?

Apple has preinstalled some apps on all iPhones and iPads that can not be deleted. With small tricks, however, you can make apps, such as the stock app or the compass app disappear on your iPhone or iPad.

Most iPhone and iPad users rarely use pre-installed apps from Apple. Although Apple’s apps on the iPhone and iPad are not bothering, some users want to have some sort of order on their iOS device and remove apps they do not use anyway.

You can completely hide the apps on your Apple iPhone with simple tricks. After that, the apps will no longer appear on your iPhone or iPad .

To hide the apps, pick up your iPhone and do the following:

Note that the apps on your Apple iPhone will only be hidden until you restart the iOS device . If you want to restore an app, all you have to do is press the Power and Home buttons on your iPhone for a few seconds at a time. The iOS device will then reboot.

If you want your children to play unattended with your iOS device, you do not have to delete apps right now. The iPhone has a parental control that you can use. To activate this on your iPhone, the following steps are necessary:

The parental control in the iPhone is now activated. You have several options in Preferences to deny access for apps on your iPhone. In addition, you can also prevent children from encountering harmful network content when surfing the internet with their iPhone. You can either completely block access to your iPhone or allow only a few options. If you want to deactivate parental control in the iPhone again, simply tap on the “Disable restrictions” button.

At this point, there are tips for deleting installed apps on an Apple iOS device. For this it is not necessary to open iTunes. You only need your iPhone for deleting. Select the app you want to delete on your iPhone. Put your finger on the app and wait until it starts to wobble. At the top left of the iPhone display, a cross appears that you need to tap on.

You may be prompted on your iPhone to confirm deletion of the app. On the iOS device then the message appears “When deleting the XYZ app all data deleted.” Then simply tap “Delete” on your iPhone. If you do not want to delete apps on your iPhone, but in iTunes, do the following:

After this, the warning message will appear that the app will be removed on your iPhone after the deletion process, next time you sync the iPhone. Click on “delete app”. Also after this a new warning appears again. By clicking on “In the trash” the app will be deleted in iTunes, on your PC as well as on your iPhone.

How to Delete Apps on Iphone
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