How to Delete all Emails on iphone ( with one click )

Delete all Emails on iphone. Since the disappearing delete all button, it is impossible to erase all unwanted emails on an iPhone. This absence is all the more incomprehensible as the number of spam sent around the world is steadily increasing. Here is a workaround to remove all emails in one click on an iPhone.

How to Delete all Emails on iphone

It could be quite depressing when you open your iPad, and you find hundreds of unread e-mails in the Mail app. In fact, most of them are useless. To keep your mail clean, then you might want to know how to permanently delete emails from the iPad. Here are some simple steps (not only deleted emails from the Mail app, but also from the server).

Delete all Emails on iphone

How to Delete all Emails on iphone in iOS 10

Now it’s a bit tedious and boring to delete all the emails in the inbox, sent and drafts under iOS 10. Which means you have to select the emails one by one and then start the deletion: Go to the Mail option under Settings> Go to Inbox or Sent and press Edit> Select E-mail and press Delete or Move.

Possible solution to delete all e-mails in one click

  • In the list of mails, tap Edit (top right), then select the first mail by tapping (it appears then checked).
  • Put your finger on move (bottom) but especially do not release your finger to not validate it.
  • While keeping your finger on the move, deselect the mail by tapping on it (the checkmark disappears).
  • release your finger to move, and the folder list appears.
  • Choose trash as the destination folder, and all mails go into it.

Delete Emails on iphone at once on iOS 11/10

Method 1: Delete emails on iPhone iOS 11/10 by multiple selection

Although the Remove All feature has been removed from the iPhone after the iOS 11 update, it is still possible to delete iPhone emails en masse in iOS 11 Mail. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “Mail” application on your iPhone.
  2. Go to “Receiving” or “Sent” or “Drafts”. Click “Edit” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap each email you want to remove and select “Trash”.

However, this is less feasible for the removal of hundreds of mails.

Method 2: Delete the mails to another folder to delete emails from the iPhone

Another way to erase all messages on iPhone is to move the mails in the inbox, sent, drafts or trash folder, unwanted, and then remove them in one go.

  1. Tap the “Mail” application on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Inbox or the Draftsman or Drafts folder. Then tap “Edit” and select an e-mail.
  3. After the selection, touch and press the “Move” button with your finger and when you press “Move”, uncheck the e-mail.
  4. After, it displays the box selection screen and you can choose a folder where you want to put them.
  5. You can then go to the Recycle Bin or Undesirable folder and delete all the messages in Mail permanently.

Clean up the iPhone’s email application

The inbox of your mail is crumbling under the weight of emails? All these messages, these newsletters that you do not have time to read end up cluttering the memory of your iPhone unnecessarily.

Over the years, junk mail or spam has become the pet peeve of many iPhone owners. Although it is impossible to eradicate them completely, the iPhone has a filter system to drastically reduce their number.

This very simple device to set up will automatically sort all your messages including those of the iCloud Mail service . Unsolicited mail and advertising spam will automatically be sent to a folder named Junk or Spam.

Charge you then to regularly empty this folder to free memory on your device. Unfortunately since the disappearance of the delete all function, cleaning up his messenger has never been so painful.

Delete all emails on iphone from a folder

This change in the email management interface of the iPhone imposes an unnecessary burden on iPhone owners. Erasing each message individually is a considerable waste of time. Fortunately there is a little known trick to erase all junk mail with a snap of a finger.

Importantly, the method described below works regardless of the folder created in your email application. This is not limited to spam. You will be able to reproduce it for the drafts, Sent, Archive and all your personal directories (work, sports club, bank, family etc …).

  • Launch the iPhone Mail application
  • Open the folder where you want to purge all messages
  • Scroll through all mails to make sure this directory does not contain an important message
  • If you come across an important email, you’ll just have to move it to another directory
  • Select the message to keep
  • Press the Folder button in the lower left corner of the screen
  • Put it in another directory
  • Repeat this for each message to keep
  • Then click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the window
  • Check the box to the left of the first mail
  • Put your finger on the Move button at the bottom of the window
  • While holding down the button, you will uncheck the first e-mail from the list
  • Release the Move button
  • And there magically all messages are selected

Now all you have to do is click on the Move button and then select the Recycle Bin. After doing this, you will select the Recycle Bin directory, check one last time that no important message is hidden in the list and then click on the edit button and finally on the delete all button. In case of error, here is a very useful technique to recover a mail deleted by mistake .

Quickly Delete emails from a sender on an iPhone

The workaround proposed above provides the ability to delete all emails in a folder. If all your e-mails are in the main folder of the inbox this tip will not be useful.

In this section, we will show you how to get rid of all emails from a particular sender. This technique is especially useful for getting rid of newsletters and other newsletters.

  • Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Place your finger on the search box at the top of the window
  • Enter the e-mail address of the sender
  • Press the search button on your device keypad
  • The Mail application will display all the mails from this sender
  • Click the Edit button
  • Check the empty circle to the left of an email
  • Press and hold the Move button while unchecking the previously selected message
  • Release the Move button
  • Send all messages to trash

Congratulations, you have just deleted all the mails from the sender of your choice. Do not forget to inform the publisher of the site that you no longer want to appear in his mailing list. These messages will no longer invade the inbox of your iPhone.

permanently delete the emails from the iPad

Steps to remove iPhone emails

Step 1 

Tap the Mail app on your iPad. Open the inbox and press “Edit.” At the bottom left, tap “Mark All”> “Mark As Read”.

Step 2

Tap Mail> open Inbox> press Edit> Check a message. And then at the bottom, you can see the option “Move” is activated.

Step 3

First, press the “Remove” button and use your other hand to uncheck the message you checked in Step 2. Move your fingers on the iPad screen.

Step 4

In the new window, click Recycle Bin. This is where the miracle occurs. You can see that all the e-mails have been moved to the trash. And there will be an empty window that will tell you that there are no ebbs at all. From there, you can go to Trash and press “Edit”, then press “Delete All” at the bottom to delete all the e-mails.

Warning: after applying the above mentioned way to permanently delete the mail on the iPad, if you return to the Mail application right away, you can see that the mail number still exist. Do not worry. It’s just the cache. Wait a few seconds to let the mail automatically refresh.

permanently delete emails from iPhone

Solution 1: Remove an email from the Mail app on iPhone

You can use the iPhone’s default email management application to delete your mails. This method does not require a third-party application, but you will need to clear the messages twice to permanently remove them from your device.

  1. Open the Mail application on your iPhone and choose the “Edit” button.
  2. Select the mails you want to delete by checking the circles that are nearby.
  3. Click on “Move” and then tap on the “Recycle Bin”.
  4. Return to your inbox and select the “Trash” folder.
  5. Tap on “Edit” and select the messages you want to permanently delete.

Solution 2: Delete archived Gmail messages in iPhone mails

If you’ve linked a Google Account to your iPhone, you can also clean messages without a computer. Just be aware that deleting emails does not mean deleting them for good, you must first adjust the archiving settings. Anyway, it’s not easy to delete Gmail messages.

If you flick your screen from right to left, you will have no option other than archiving, not deletion. If you want to erase all iPhone mails , and those of Gmail in particular, do the following:

  1. For iOS 6 users, simply go to “Settings” and then “Mails”.
  2. Tap on “Accounts” and disable “Archive Messages”.
  3. In iOS 7, go to “Settings” and then “Mails”.
  4. Enter your “Gmail Account” and click on “Account”.
  5. Locate the “Advanced” option below and select it.
  6. In “Move deleted messages to”, check the “Inbox deleted” option.

Solution 3: Permanently delete emails on iPhone

If you want a simple, direct and user-friendly way to delete all iPhone mails, the iPhone Data Cleaner application will be of great help. iPhone Data Cleaner can delete emails, photos, memos, SMS, all contacts, reminders, accounts, Apple IDs and everything else with just one click. It also guarantees a total impossibility of recovery, in other words, your erased files will remain forever.

iPhone Data Cleaner offers two delete modes based on three levels of data erasure. The low level allows a fast deletion of data, the means allows to overwrite the files and the high level allows to delete the personal accounts as well as the sensitive information. To learn how to delete multiple emails on iPhone with iPhone Data Cleaner, it’s very simple. Just follow the guide below:

  1. Launch iPhone Data Cleaner and connect your iPhone to your computer with its USB cable.
  2. After the automatic detection of the device, select “Delete Deleted Files” on the main interface.
  3. Choose the level of data erasure that’s right for you.
  4. Click on “Start”.
  5. Wait for the process to finish and click “Done”.

With this tool, you will not need to manually select each email to send it to the trash. This program can delete emails on iPhone at once. So, more reason to fear for his privacy and worry about a leak of sensitive emails from your boss or your customers. This app makes these files disappear forever in a flash. In addition, it is fully compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and even with devices blocked by the operator or jailbroken iOS devices.

It is therefore easy to delete emails when we know the correct method of deleting emails. If you are a novice or non-techie iPhone owner, or a busy person who does not want to bother with complicated methods to simply remove all iPhone mails permanently, it is recommended to use a software professional iOS data cleaners like iPhone Data Cleaner. These are installed in a few seconds and their use requires no technical skill.

How to Delete all Emails on iphone ( with one click )
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