How to Create a Youtube Channel

A YouTube channel is very easy to create. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some things – we will show you how to set up a channel on the video platform. It is no secret that video content accounts for over 74% of all online traffic , and that it views videos on YouTube for a total of one billion hours each day . With such numbers, it quickly becomes clear how important YouTube is as a marketing channel. So it only makes sense to use YouTube for your business or brand.

how to Create a Youtube Channel

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a YouTube channel so you can start uploading videos and expanding your audience today.

Create a Youtube Channel

Part 1: The first steps in creating a YouTube channel

To create a YouTube channel, you’ll first need a Google Account. If you’ve signed in to your account with YouTube and clicked “Create a new channel,” you’ll need to think of an appropriate name for your channel. The name should ideally be easy to remember and original.

If you are then logged in to your account, go to your name or username in the top left corner. Click here to open the public profile view. There you can also change your profile picture. The profile picture should have something to do with your channel name. This does not confuse it that easily.

When choosing a topic, it is best not to give the monetization aspect the greatest importance. Ultimately, the theme should be fun for you, because it’s the only way you can excite your viewers and justify themselves against the time you invest in your channel.

In addition to a catchy name and a profile picture, the channel needs a description. After all, viewers want to know what awaits them on their channel. To get there quickly, just click on Customize Channel where you can then change your description. Now you have already done everything fundamental for the creation of your channel. But wait a minute. Is not there something else missing?

Part 2: Design Youtube Channel Banner

Exactly the YouTube banner. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s a YouTube banner. This is a picture that can be seen at the top of your channel page.

The banner is important, because it attracts the attention of the spectator as it falls directly in the eye. Whether an illustration, a cool picture or a graphic that includes the name of your channel, your imagination knows no bounds. In the worst case, the image gives a mood, draws attention to the content of the channel or is just artful. YouTube recommends that the image should have a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels

Part 3: Cost of Running a YouTube Channel

Surely, you’re wondering if there’s any cost in creating a YouTube channel. The creation of the channel itself is free. However, you need technical equipment to record videos and produce content. This primarily includes a camera. In addition to a camera is also the acquisition of another small basic equipment. This video shows more equipment that can be beneficial for launching a YouTube channel:

Part 4: Editing content and videos

Think about what you want to present on your YouTube channel. Which topics are relevant for you? Maybe you have a hobby or special skill that you want to convey. Tutorials are a very popular format on YouTube and are great for such purposes. Reviews about various topics such as technology are also very popular. A very personal vlog is offered. The possibilities are almost endless. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Once you have the necessary video footage, all you have to do is edit it.

create a YouTube channel Alternative Way

  1. Create a Google Account (if you do not already have one)

If you want to create, share, or comment on YouTube, you need a Google Account.

If you do not have a Google Account yet

Go to and click on “Login” in the top right corner. You will be directed to a Google sign-in page.

Click on “Create account”.

You’ll be taken through a few steps to create a Google Account. Then continue as described below.

If you already have a Google Account

Go to and click on “Login” in the top right corner. You will be directed to the Google sign-in page as described above. If you have multiple Google Accounts, be sure to select the right one to link to your YouTube channel.

Please note that by default, Google Accounts are linked to a YouTube channel. You can access it by opening the YouTube menu and selecting “My Channel”. In this article, we’ll look at setting up a new channel, but the later steps will also apply to the default channels of Google Accounts.

  1. Set up a fire account

After you’ve set up and signed in to your YouTube account, you can create your first channel. Click on on your user icon in the top right corner. A dropdown menu will be displayed. Click on “Settings”.

You will be directed to your account overview. Under Additional Features, click Create New Channel.

Now you have to create a Brand Account. The name does not have to be the same as the one you used for your Google Account. However, it’s best to choose a name that matches the brand your YouTube channel will represent.

After you enter a name for your Brand Account, you may be asked to confirm the account by text message or phone call. In this case, enter the code you receive.

After confirming your Brand Account, the dashboard for your channel will be displayed. Then you can start with the customization.

  1. Adapt your channel to your branding

You can customize your YouTube channel with descriptive and visual elements.

Descriptive elements

Click “Customize Channel” in your channel’s dashboard.

First, let’s take a look at the basic details of your channel. After clicking on “Customize Channel”, the base page of your channel will be displayed with a gear icon on the far right.

Click the gear icon and then click “Advanced Settings.”

On this settings page, you enter some basic information about your channel, such as your country. You can also add keywords that describe the channel here. This is important so that users can find your channel through YouTube’s search function. You can also choose to show the channel on other account pages as the recommended channel. In Settings, you can also link an AdWords account to your channel, add a property tracking ID from Google Analytics, and choose options for advertising.

Next, add a description of your channel and links. Go back to the channel customization dashboard and click the Channel Info tab.

Here you can enter a description of the channel, which you can optimize for the search function of YouTube – more on that later. You can also add contact information and links to your website and social media channels. You can set up to five links overlaying your channel layout. The banner on your profile page will then contain icons for the links you select in this list.

For example, if your banner displays a link to your Facebook page, it might look like this:

The layout is also part of customizing your channel – that’s what it’s about next.

Visual elements

For channel operators, Google provides a wealth of resources for attractive layouts, such as an image gallery and image editing tools.

One of the most difficult layout tasks is creating a responsive banner that matches the dimensions of various user devices: desktop PC, mobile device, or TV. As an aid, Google offers this handy image with the dimensions of each display device …

You should also upload a profile photo. If your channel, like the example in this step, is associated with a Brand Account, you’ll need to update this image in the About Me section of your Google Account. Incidentally, this also applies to the channel name if you use a brand account.

If you click the pencil icon (“Edit”) on your profile icon, you may see the following message:

Click “Edit” to go to the “About Me” section, where you can change the information about your Brand Account. This includes your profile photo, which appears on your YouTube channel.

It is best to choose an image in the  format  800 x 800 pixels.

You can then add the elements of your channel layout, such as a banner image. Go back to the channel customization dashboard. There, you can use the “Add channel image” button to set up the banner image for your channel.

  1. Add videos and optimize them for the search function

Optimizing your channel as a whole to make it easier to find through YouTube’s search function is only half the battle. If you add videos, you should also optimize them for the search.

And that’s more than giving your videos accurate, understandable and compact titles – though that’s important, of course. The following are the key aspects of optimization on YouTube.


When looking for a video, the first thing you notice is the title. The title often decides whether a viewer clicks on the video to watch it or not. That’s why the title does not just have toin response, but also understandable and precise.


The description should not be longer than 1,000 characters – after all, the viewer does not want to read a long text, but watch a video. In addition, YouTube only displays the first or second line of the video description in the default view anyway. That’s about 100 characters; So try to write the most important thing right at the beginning.

by day

Tags allow not only the viewers to experience what it is in your videos – including YouTube itself can recognize the content and context of your videos on the basis of the day is at Backlinko to read. That way, YouTube can relate a video to similar videos, which can further increase the reach of your content. But do not try to trick misleading users into calling your videos. This can quickly backfire because Google may punish you for it . Incidentally, this also applies to inappropriate titles.


Selecting a category is another way to associate your videos with similar content on YouTube. That may sound simple, but it can also have its pitfalls. In the Creator Academy YouTube marketers are advised well to consider which categories are most appropriately for your content.It helps, for example Questions like:

  • Who are the top authors inthis category? What are they known for, what are they doing especially well?
  • Do the target groups of similar channels within a category have something in common?
  • Do the videos share common characteristics within a similar category, such as Production Value, Length or Format?

And that’s it – you do not just have a YouTube Created channel, but also know how to tweak the content of the channel to make it easier to find.

How to Create a Youtube Channel
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