How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Facebook allows you to Create a Poll on Facebook in groups. So you can easily view the opinion of other users. How this works and what options there are, we explain to you in this practical tip.Facebook is a popular channel for gathering information and exchanging views. If you have a specific question, you can call the community for a poll and get more opinions for free. We show you how it works.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Facebook polls are very popular as they mean user interaction and increase the information content. Thanks to a built-in feature, you can create a survey with little effort.

Create a Poll on Facebook

Create a Poll on Facebook: possible thanks to integrated function

For some time, you can no longer post polls on your own wall, but only in groups you joined. Consequently, the survey always starts in a group:

  1. Go to the group where you want to create a survey.
  2. At the top of the screen, above the posts and activities of the group, you’ll see “Survey” next to “Post” and “Photo / Video.”
  3. In the text box you enter your question, just like with a normal post office.
  4. Underneath, you can enter the answer options via the fields “+ Add an option”.
  5. In addition, you can make additional settings in “Survey Options”.
  6. When you’re done, you can post the survey by posting.

Create a Poll on Facebook as a post

Of course, a Facebook survey with only two answers can not be used for any purpose. You can not conduct a poll on all parties to the Bundestag. Not even the classic school question “Do you want to go with me?” Can be yes, no. Maybe be answered. You need to limit yourself to questions such as “which pet are you preferring?” With answers like “dog or cat.”

How to create a Facebook poll as a post:

  1. Click the three dots in the posting field below to see more options and then choose Survey .
  2. Write your question above. You can also post a picture there.
  3. Now fill in the two fields Option 1 and Option 2 with your answer options . Here you can also attach a picture (or GIF) .
  4. Then select from below, how long this survey should run .
  5. You can also specify whether the survey should be public or restricted to specific circles. You can also mark selected friends.
  6. Last click on posts to post the Facebook survey.

This type of Facebook survey has the advantage that every one of your friends can see it. However, only two answers are possible. You can not change the survey later. If you want to use the old surveys, which offer much more choices, then use the surveys in groups.

Create polls in Facebook groups

Unlike personal Facebook surveys as posting, your survey in a group may contain significantly more response options. It is even possible that respondents add their own answers. But you can not insert pictures as answers – and the survey is limited to the members of the group.

Here’s how to do a Facebook survey in a group:

  1. Change to the group that should answer your survey.
  2. Click on Poll at the bottom of the Posting field .
  3. Now enter your question above. You can also insert a picture here.
  4. Underneath are the option fields for the possible answers. Enter the answers there. Automatically add more response fields.
  5. Underneath, you can specify in the survey options whether the respondents can attach their own answers and tick several answers.
  6. Now click on Post to post the survey. It may still have to be released by the administrator of the group.

This poll will run until you manually delete it. You can not use the other survey features there as well. But you have the opportunity to multiple-choice questions and can choose very many answer options.

Create a Poll on Facebook with photo or GIF

First of all, the new version of the polls that have been available on almost every page since the weekend. Site administrators can click to ask a question and give two different options to choose from.

For each option you can either upload a picture or select a GIF. In addition to the GIFs in Facebook’s own archive, it is also possible to insert the URL of your own GIF.

As another option, there is the possibility to determine the voting period. Available are “1 day”, “1 week”, “Never” or “Individual”. For the last option, the end date can be set, not the end time. At the end of the period, the users can not submit any further answers.

The GIFs and photos are displayed side by side over the answer. After clicking on one of the options, the user (or page operator) learns the previous voting result:

Site operators also see how many votes have been cast and can also click on this number to see which fans have opted for which option.

Companies can mainly use the new feature to query preferences for one or the other product. At the same time they can also show possible product variants.

And certainly it will not be long before one or the other side thinks about how the mechanism for competitions could be used.

If you do not see the new survey format right now, do not panic! The feature is currently in roll out. It may take a few more days for all the sites to create the polls.

Create a Poll on Facebook for media pages

Unwittingly, larger media sites can be unlocked on Facebook for another form of survey. Although this allows more response options, but is limited elsewhere:

As you can see in the picture, first of all a picture can be defined, below that the actual question follows. Per question up to 10 possible answers are possible. The answers can not be visualized with pictures or GIFs.

Also, a limitation of the voting period is not possible. The only option is to show the number of votes cast.

Stupid: Facebook mixes the answers with each call once by the random number generator.

Multiple choice, such as group surveys, is not possible in both survey formats.


Polls on Facebook Pages are more of a nice gimmick. Serious conclusions can hardly be drawn from the results. With the new format for all Facebook pages, Facebook extends the possible posts and can offer a bit more variety in editorial planning.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook
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