How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Create a Facebook Business Page.If you want to get noticed as a company on Facebook, then you have to Create a Facebook Business Page for your activities. It is not allowed to use your Facebook profile for commercial purposes. This article will show you how to set up your professional Facebook page for your business step by step.

Before setting up your Facebook page, I’d like to briefly explain the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is now a great source of information in everyday life – also in terms of events and business. If someone wants to know more about a business, he looks for his Facebook page. What’s more, in order to keep up to date, you “follow” the company in social networks. Time to present yourself here too. How to Create a Facebook Business Page in just a few steps is explained in this guide.

Create a Facebook Business Page

  1. Sign in to Facebook

Before you can even create and manage a fan page on Facebook, you must register with Facebook and create a Facebook profile. Facebook has a full name obligation. If you decide to create a Facebook profile with a fun name, it may happen that your profile will be suspended.

You will no longer have access to your Facebook page. To what extent you now use your Facebook profile and fill it with information is up to you. To manage a Facebook page, it does not matter what your profile looks like. Your Facebook profile is not named on your Facebook page.

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page

Click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner or enter the following URL in the browser line:

Now you can choose between six types of pages:

As a retailer click here z. For example, “Local Business or Location.” Now you have to enter further information: category (eg local business), company name and contact details. Then click on “Let’s go”. At the same time you accept the  terms of use for Facebook pages .

Tip: Choose the name of your business as the name. This makes it easier to find.

  1. Complete information

On the following pages, you can give details about your business. You can also skip or change each step later.

  • Category : What exactly is your business doing?
  • A small  text  that briefly introduces the business or the Facebook page of the business (max 155 characters).
  • Website : Enter here the URL of your homepage or your online shop.
  • Click Yes when  asked if your business is a genuine business and if you are the authorized representative of that business.
  • To  complete  click on “store information” on.
  1. Upload a photo

In the next step, you can upload a photo. Make sure it’s at least 180 pixels wide, otherwise it will not look optimal. We recommend the logo or lettering of your shop. It is important that you do not infringe the copyright of third parties with the photo.

When the photo has finished uploading, click on “Save photo”.

  1. Favorites

Add your business page to your favorites. This is an only visible setting for you to get to your page faster when you’re logged in to Facebook.

  1. Payment method

If you do not already know about advertising opportunities on Facebook, skip this step first. You can also add your payment details later.

  1. Finetuning

Your page is ready! Now you can take care of the finetuning!

  • Cover picture : Upload a descriptive title picture, eg A picture of your business. For it to display correctly, it should be at least 720 pixels wide.
  • Page Info: Click on the tab “Info” next to the profile picture and then on the left side on the menu item “Page Info”. Add here all information that is missing.
  1. From 25 fans – the Facebook Internet address

Right now, your Facebook page has a URL that is pretty cryptic in numbers and letters. For a better recognition value, you can create a so-called vanity URL. You can also do that under “Page Info”, but only if you have 25 fans. Then your URL will look like this:

This can then be printed very well on business cards and flyers, exhibited in your shop, attached as an e-mail signature or embed on your website. Incidentally, the latter is also good with the inclusion of a button.

The site is here, now it’s about the content and the generation of fans. Invite your e-mail contacts via the “Build Audience” button, share your page on your private profile to let friends and acquaintances know you and advertise in your store (eg by a note in the shop window , on the receipts and bills).

What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page?

The Facebook profile is your personal person profile. How actively you use it and what information you reveal to Facebook is up to you. With your posts, you can set who is allowed to see them.

A Facebook page is public. That is, any messages you post can be seen by anyone visiting your page. You have fans on your Facebook page . People who are interested in your company / products / services etc. can like your site and become a fan. It is a one-sided expression of interest. In theory, every Facebook user can become a fan of your site if he / she wants it. A Facebook page is also called Fanpage.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page
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