How Long Does a Cold Sore Last

How Long Does a Cold Sore Last. Cold Sore is a disease seen in many people where an infectious virus is caused. The Cold Sore virus is infecting 90% of people. I mean, every 9 of the 10 people I saw saw the virus causing the flight. People who are not infected with herpes  virus may feel glory. Because the Cold Sore looks like a simple, small wound from the outside, it can cause difficult moments to people with the effects like pain, burning, itching.

There is no treatment for herpes virus. Most people who carry herpes virus may not die for life. This virus indicates that you are sleeping in our body. If you trigger the virus in your sleep, or if your body is weak, this virus will appear as a virus.

What are the symptoms of Cold Sore ?

Cold Sore

The Cold Sore is usually a bubble that emerges around the mouth region. Then this bubble turns into a herpes. You can also see the following indications in the region where the flight is located:

  • Itching,
  • Ache,
  • Combustion,
  • Little wounds like a bubble.

Can Cold Sore be avoided without getting out?

The Cold Sore virus will unfortunately come with you for a lifetime. But to prevent this virus from becoming active, you need to be aware of the following:

1- Stress:

Stress is caused by the activation of herpes virus, which causes a herpes in the mouth region. Staying away from the strut is an effective way to obstruct the flight.

2- Overstrain:

When you are overly exhausted, that is when your body is exhausted, the virus has found a suitable environment. This will increase the likelihood of an outbreak.

3- Pregnancy period:

The virus may still be active during this period.

4- Excessive Stay in the Sun:

If you are exposed to too much sunlight, you may get a fever.

5-Not enought feeding:

When you are poorly fed, your body will resist resistance, which will trigger the activation of the Cold Sore virus and eventually it will bleed out in your mouth. You should always pay attention not only to herpes but also to your feed. Malnutrition triggers many diseases.

What is Treatment of Col Sore ?

There are hundreds of treatment methods among the people who have Cold Sore. But the most beautiful and correct treatment of the flight is to see a medicine. Recently, many creams have been removed for herpes and you can be sure of these creams from pharmacies. Why do we only recommend the doctor?

Let’s explain some examples. Many people know that it is said that it would be beneficial for the people to get vinegar to that region for the coldness. Which doctor in you would like you to go to the vinegar? So we recommend you go to the doctor as the best way to avoid exposure to persistent irreversible trauma on the one hand.

Mechanism of Flue Transmission and Emergence

The cause of the lips is Cold Sore simplex 1 (HSV-1) virus. As with all other virus-borne diseases, infections are also contagious. However, the lip balm virus can only be transmitted to one person once.

How Does Cold Sore Appear?

Once a person has caught a Cold Sore virus, it will last for a lifetime. After that, he can make herpes at regular intervals. This time is twice a year for some; for some it is every month. The HSV-1 virus is inactivated by retracting into the nerve cells when there is no lip flap.

Not because the Cold Sore are infected again, but because the passive virus is triggered by triggering factors such as:

  • sunlight
  • Wind
  • Stress
  • Deep sadness
  • Wound around the lip
  • Hormone changes
  • Allergen contact
  • Weakening of the immune system

Cold Sore can be transmitted to other regions

Cold Sore virus may also be transmitted to the genital area. Theoretically it can infect any part of the body. So it is necessary to be careful when the herpes come out. Even when the herpes are emerging, the immune system is so weak that it can infect even the different regions in itself.

How Long Does a Cold Sore Last

The Cold Sore will last between 3 days and 2 weeks. The average disappearance of all symptoms lasts 1 week. If the herpes have not passed within 2 weeks, they should go to the doctor with anxiety about immune problems.

Note: Viral drugs such as acyclovir or famciclovir may shorten the healing period. It may also reduce the frequency of the appearance of the Cold Sore. However, there has not yet been developed a treatment that completely eliminates the lip balm virus from within.