How to Clear iphone Cache

Clear iphone Cache. To improve the performance of your iPhone and make your applications run faster, it’s vital to regularly clean up your memory. You do not know how ? Do not panic, here are some tips to clean your iPhone and get some space.

How to Clear iphone Cache

In the same way as a computer, the iPhone stores and stores a multitude of data during your daily use (cookies <, cache, history, etc.). Over time, this accumulation of data ends up occupying a large space in the memory of the iPhone and generate, in some cases, bugs in the applications.

Clear iphone Cache

Therefore, care must be taken to delete these accumulated data regularly.

Clear Safari cache

Let’s start with the cache, this memory system to display more recently visited internet pages. Note that during this process, you will be automatically disconnected from the internet pages.

1- Open the option Settings and scroll down to 6 th group of options (just below “Compass”). Select: Safari.

2- Scroll down and select: Clear history, site data.

3- Under Clear cookies and data , select Clear.

Clear iphone Cache Delete data

Data saved by other applications can also be deleted. Everything happens in the Use option .

1- Select Settings → General → Storage and use of iCloud.

2- Then select: Manage storage.

3- From the apps on the screen, select the ones with the most storage space. Beyond 500 MB, consider removing the application and reinstalling it.

4- Select Clear . Once done, go to the App Store to reinstall. And now, find your application as new!

Clear iphone Cache with PhoneClean

iMobie has developed an application, PhoneClean , entirely dedicated to tidying up your iOS devices. The app has paid features but you still have its free trial version available.

PhoneClean, instructions:

1- Connect your iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable

2- Open PhoneClean and select Quick Clean (temporary files) or Deep Clean (current usage data), then click Scan

3- Once the scan is finished, click Clean

Some advanced features of PhoneClean, such as Photo Caches, which as its name suggests will remove photo caches, are paying off.

Clear iphone Cache with iMyFone Umate

In the same style as PhoneClean, there is  iMyFone Umate , another very simple and free solution to use with iOS or Windows!

Here, the 3 steps to follow:

1- Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

2- Open iMyFone Umate and click Quick Scanning on the Home tab .

3- Under Unwanted Files and Temporary Files , click Clean / Clear.

Do not forget to delete more space-consuming files, such as videos.

For more options, there is a paid version of iMyFone Umate.

Recover storage space

Generally, iOS itself frees up space by deleting cached data that is wandering the system. However, we believe that relighting an iPhone from time to time also frees up memory and takes full advantage of your favorite applications.

1- Press and hold the Power / Standby button (top or top right of your device) until the Power Off option is displayed .

2- Select Shut Down.

3- When your device is completely turned off, press Power / Standby to turn it back on.

We advise you to use this method fairly regularly for two reasons. The first is a very good solution when you do not know what to erase, the second, it lends itself very well to older models of iPhone or iPad.

Clear iphone Cache  (non-jailbroken devices)

1- Using a companion PC / Mac app

There are different file managers that allow you to browse your iPhone files on your Windows or Mac system. Most file manager software comes with a junk food cleaning tool of some kind. Once this tool, I came across is iMyFone ( free trial ).

After downloading iMyFone , simply connect your iPhone via the lightning cable to your Windows or Mac. On the first run, you’ll have a prompt on your similar iPhone as shown below:

Tap Trust. Now your iPhone data will be accessible from the connected computer. Now, go to iMyFone to free up  section space , and start scanning. After a few minutes of scanning, it will let you know how much cache can be erased on your iPhone. It can delete unnecessary files, temporary files and application data cache .

Please note that it is free to try but comes with limitations on the number of times you can delete unnecessary files. The full version will cost you around $ 19.95.

2- Use third-party applications

Note :  This method does not seem to work right now, but you should consider keeping an eye on it.

Different developers have slipped into the cache compensation feature inside their applications. But, of course, as Apple takes notice, the feature is removed in subsequent updates. One such application available on the App Store is Doctor Battery  ( free ).

The main use of the application is to show battery consumption and other related data, but the developer sometimes manages to sneak in a clear Junk option . If you are lucky enough, you can get the application either before Apple manages to pull the application or the developer himself removes the feature.

I had caught Dr Bat Battery  some time ago and have theundesirable  option, as shown below:

The app does not seem to work right now, but you get my point: Keep an eye on the future for these apps. Of course, if you stay connected with info24android, we will let you know when any of these new breaks!

3- Reinstall the applications

This may be one of the most inconvenient solutions, but the only one that Apple officially endorses. If you want to clear the cache of an installed application, say Instagram or Facebook, you can simply uninstall and reinstall this app . To uninstall an app, long-click on the app icon until the icons start squirming and tap the cross icon.

Deleting the application deletes the cache and other data, it can be store. You can re-download the application from the App Store. Of course, this is extremely annoying because you have to clear the cache for an individual application and also, all the data is deleted and you have to log in again.

Pro tip : These days, more and more applications are including an option to remove the application cache inside the application. Dive into the app settings to see if an app supports. Dropbox and Twitter for iOS are the two big names that have added such an option in the latest updates.

clear iphone cache (jailbroken Devices)

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, there are different jailbreak settings that allow you to clear the cache and free up space:

1- CacheClearer

One such free tweak that I personally tested is CacheClearer. CacheClearer allows you to clear the cache on a per application basis without going through the hassle of reinstalling applications. It adds an option to clear the cache right in the application settings , so it almost feels like a native option.

To use it, just add the source Cydia “” and download CacheClearer. If you are new to this jailbreaking thing and do not know how to add jailbreak tweaks.

2- iCleaner

If you are looking to download a stand-alone application , try iCleaner It clears Safari cache, attachments, temporary files and cache by all other applications in one tap .

To use it, add this Cydia source: “”, then download it. There is a free version and the pro version allows integration with third party plugins and allows specific 3D Touch features on iPhone 6s or newer.

Empty the cache, what for?

You’ve probably already faced an error message that tells you, when taking a photo for example, that your storage space on your iPhone is saturated. Sometimes, manually deleting some files is enough to recover some storage space on your device. But there is a more efficient operation that many iPhone users neglect or ignore: empty the cache of his iPhone.

iPhone, clear the browser cache

When you browse the web from your iPhone, your smartphone’s web browser keeps track of all your browsing and personal data entered online. In the long run, these data contribute to the saturation of your storage space.

Failing to be automatic, erasing the cache of your iPhone is extremely simple to achieve. Just go to Settings on your device, then select “Safari” (the web browser associated with the iPhone) and then choose “Clear history and site data” or “Clear the cache” according to the version of your iPhone.

iPhone, clear the application cache

The web browser is not the only one to keep data on your iPhone. Applications also accumulate data that has a direct impact on the memory of your smartphone. To remove the application cache from an iPhone, go directly to the settings specific to each application.

There is no way to clear the cache of all applications on an iPhone simultaneously. When the application settings do not offer clearing the cache, the only solution is to uninstall and then reinstall the application in question.

Dedicated applications

There are some applications available on the App Store to clean up your memory. iOS nevertheless restricts access to its data when the iPhone is not jailbroken. As a result, applications only remove crumbs. However, with the jailbreak, you can have access to effective applications to clear the cache of your iPhone.

However, you take a risk on the guarantee of your iPhone and go against the security policy implemented by Apple.

Recover space on your iPhone

By clearing the accumulated data on your device, emptying the cache allows you to recover memory, storage space and optimize the battery of your device. Other operations are also good for “cleaning” your iPhone.

For example, remember not to keep too many SMS discussions in your iPhone, as the volume of your inbox may slow down the operation of your smartphone. Then make sure to remove the applications you do not use. For iOS6 and earlier, double-click the home button, tap and hold an app until it starts to shake, then tap the red icon to remove it, and do so for all apps. your dock.

Under iOS7 and later, double-click on home and delete one by one the windows that are displayed by dragging them up with your finger. Finally, sort your multimedia data (photos, videos, music, etc.) by transferring some of them to your computer.

How to Clear iphone Cache
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