How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook

The profile picture on Facebook usually shows a current picture of the Facebook member. If you do not want to show yourself, take any logo, picture from childhood or other graphics. So that it does not get boring, you can exchange the profile picture every now and then.

How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook

Facebook is used extensively both on the computer and on mobile devices. Consequently, you can change your profile picture in both ways.

Change Profile Picture on Facebook

How to change your Facebook profile picture on the PC

To change your Facebook profile on the PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open in the browser and click on the top of your profile picture.
  2. This will take you to your profile page. If you move your mouse over your profile picture, you will already see the option “Update profile picture”.
  3. Upload a new photo, take a picture, or select one of the existing photos as a new profile picture.

The change will take effect immediately and will also affect linked services like Spotify, if you are logged in with your Facebook account .

Facebook: Change profile picture in the mobile app

Changing the profile picture in the app on the smartphone or tablet is almost even faster:

  1. Start the Facebook app.
  2. Touch your profile and then your profile picture.
  3. Select a new image as described above.

The change on the mobile device is an advantage if you have yet to capture your new profile picture because you can do it directly with the smartphone camera.

Change or remove Facebook profile picture

If you want to change or even remove your previous profile picture on Facebook, just a few clicks in your profile will be enough. We show you how it works.

  1. As shown in the screenshot, the button “change profile picture” is on your profile picture. However, it only becomes visible when you move the mouse over it.
  2. If you click the button, you have the following options:
  3. Press on “Select photo …”, you can select a picture from your Facebook albums and use it as a new profile picture.
  4. Under “Take a photo …” you can directly take a picture with your webcam, crop it and select it as a profile picture.
  5. If you would like to set a photo from your computer files as a new profile picture, you must select “Upload photo …”.
  6. You can make your current profile picture disappear by clicking on “Remove …”.


  1. Private upload and publish the corresponding image.
  2. Then simply look under “Photos” the new picture and select as profile picture or title picture.
  3. Finally, the picture can be removed from the chronicle.


Unfortunately, there is no possibility (or I have not found it yet) to post pictures privately. You could activate the Newsfeed target group under Settings, but even that does not change the result. As soon as you define the picture as a profile picture or cover picture, the corresponding chronicle contribution appears.

Therefore I recommend the third step as well as the private profile. After publication, select the picture post and hide in the chronicle.

A little hint for possible title picture experiments: Put yourself next to your actual page just a “sandbox side” on. There you can try everything to take the final version for the correct Facebook page.

Facebook: Change title picture and profile picture

Now that Facebook has made the timeline accessible to everyone, you can also display a title picture in your profile in addition to the profile picture. How to change this title picture and his profile photo I would like to show in this little article.

To change the pictures you have to switch to his profile first. To do this, click on his name in the blue bar at the top, now you end up in his profile. Let’s take a look at how to change the title image.

Change cover picture:

  1. If you drive over the title picture, a box with the inscription “Change title picture” appears in the lower right corner of the picture. This opens a small menu. Here are the following points.
    a) Select from photos : At this point you can choose a title image from the already uploaded to Facebook pictures.
    b) Upload a photo: Here you can upload a photo and then select it as the title image
    c) Reposition : The reduction is used to move the photo, with this point you can move the photo back and forth until you see the desired image detail.
    d) Remove: Hereby you can remove your title picture from your profile, but it still remains in the album cover pictures, so that you can use it later, it should be deleted completely, you have to delete it in the corresponding album.
  2. In this case, I have already uploaded a picture that I want to use, so I choose the item ” From Photos Select “, now a popup window appears with the photos, which are already on Facebook. Here I click on a photo which I would like to use as a cover picture. The window closes again.
  3. Above the cover image is now the note ” Pull on the cover image to reposition it “. Now I click into the picture, and hold down the left mouse button, so I can move the picture until it shows me the desired image section.
  4. If you now click on ” save change ” under the picture , you have successfully integrated the title picture into your profile.

Note : A title picture must be at least 399 pixels wide, smaller pictures can not be used to my knowledge. Everyone can see the cover picture , since it is automatically provided with the public law, and you can not change this right

Change profile picture:

If you move your mouse over his profile picture, the box “edit profile picture” appears in the middle of the picture, if you click on this box a menu appears with the following points.

  1. Select photo : This opens a “pop-up” window in which you can select an already uploaded photo as a profile picture. If you can not see all the pictures, you can click on “Show Albums” in the “Pop-Up” window on the top right, and you will see all the albums you have created, and navigate through them until you get the picture you want has found. If you have selected an image, it will now be displayed, depending on the size of the image, you can now select an image area, which should be used as Profilfot.
  2. Take a photo : If you have a webcam connected to the computer / laptop, you can use this point to take a picture of yourself, and then use this as a profile picture.
  3. Upload Photo : As with the title image, you can upload a photo from your computer and use it as the title image
  4. Edit thumbnail (only when changing) : This will open a “pop-up” window, in which you can do two things. You can either adjust the image size. This means that if the image is larger than the intended area, the image will be reduced to just that area. If you do not set this hook, you can move the picture in the small photo of the “Pop-Up” box until the desired area is visible.
  5. e) Remove  (only when changing) : If you click on remove, the profile picture in the view will be deleted. In the photo album profile pictures, however, it still remains, so that you can use it later.

Note : The profile picture must be at least 180 pixels wide.


How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook
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