How to Change Language on Facebook

Change Language on Facebook is not difficult. Find out where to find the language settings of the social network and how to change them here. In Facebook, you can easily change the language. We’ll show you how it works for the website and in the app.

How to Change Language on Facebook

As a rule, the language in Facebook is set to English in the default setting. However, the language may have changed due to various causes. For example, if you are abroad, have accidentally made a wrong setting or have a plugin installed, the language on Facebook may suddenly be unknown.

Change Language on Facebook

To keep track of the mess of unknown letters, here’s how to change the language in Facebook – even without being able to understand or read the currently displayed language.

Change language on Facebook website

Step 1: 

Through the Facebook page , you can change the language in two different ways. Sign up for it on Facebook and switch directly to the top right of any of the suggested languages or click on the plus icon if the desired language does not appear there.

Step 2:

If you find your desired language in the quick selection, click on it. A new window will appear. Click on ” Change language “.

Step 3:

If your desired language is not in the quick selection and you have clicked on the plus icon , you will see an overview of all available languages ​​here . Click on one of the languages ​​and it will be set up. Your currently selected language can be recognized by the tick next to the language.

Change language on Facebook app (Android)

Step 1:

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone. Touch the menu icon () in the top right corner.

Step 2:

Swipe down a bit further until you come to the globe icon called ” Language “. Touch it.

Step 3:

Now select your desired language . The language is then set up immediately.

Change language on Facebook app (iPhone)

On iPhone, you can not change the language settings in the Facebook app. In order to be able to use the app nevertheless in your desired language, you must change the general language of your iPhone. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Open the settings on your iPhone. Under the heading ” General ” you will find the language settings .

Step 2:

Swipe down a little and tap on ” Language & Region “.

Step 3:

Now tap on the first item ” iPhone language “.

Step 4:

list of all languages ​​provided by Apple will appear. If you touch one of the languages, a blue tick will appear . Then tap Done and the language changes on your iPhone and in the Facebook app.

Quick guide: Change language on the Facebook website

  1. Log in to Facebook .
  2. To see if your desired language is displayed in the upper right corner of the start page, click on it and then go to ” Change language “.
  3. If your desired language does not appear on the top right, click the plus icon next to the suggested languages. This will bring you a list of all available languages.
  4. Click on one of the languages and it will be set up directly.

Quick guide: Change language in the Facebook app (Android)

  1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  2. Touch the menu icon () in the top right corner.
  3. Swipe down a bit further until you see the globe icon labeled ” Language .”
  4. Tap on your desired language to set it up.

Quick guide: Change language in the Facebook app (iPhone)

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings, then General > Language & Region > iPhone Language .
  2. Select your desired language from the list and mark it.
  3. Tap ” Done ” and the language will be adjusted on the iPhone and in the Facebook app.

Change language on Facebook in Browser

Whatever the reasons for the wrong language settings, the language used can easily be changed in Facebook. The language does not depend on the browser language, but can be set directly in Facebook. So you can change the Facebook language in the fastest way:

  1. First, open in your browser.
  2. Then log in to  your account .
  3. Now click on the arrow next to the lock symbol in the upper right corner .
  4. If you can not decipher the buttons because the caption is in Chinese or Cyrillic, you will need to click through each menu. In general, the button for the settings is at the penultimate place .
  5. Here you can see on the left side the button to change the language. This is below the red “Stop” sign . The blue button shows a big “A” and an Asian symbol . Currently you can access the settings via the fifth button from the top, but Facebook changes this setting from time to time.
  6. In the new window you can now change the language in Facebook via the topmost option. Press the pencil icon in the top menu item.
  7. Find the entry “German” from the list.
  8. The selection can be saved via the blue button .
  9. Now you can use Facebook again in your language.

Change language on Facebook Quick Guide

Sometimes you have to change the language on Facebook, for example, to get new features such as the Graph Search. However, this feature is somewhat hidden. In this tip you will read how it works.

  1. Log in to Facebook .
  2. In the right column under the sponsored links you will find the collection of links shown in the image.
  3. Click on your desired language or select the plus sign to add more languages. The new language is active immediately and can be changed again at any time.

Switch Facebook Language: In Settings

Now click on “Language” on the left side of the bar. Sometimes Facebook rearranges this menu item – it was already available under “General”.

Facebook offers several language settings. For example, if you want to author multilingual contributions yourself, you can enable this feature here. On request, Facebook also translates posts in your news feed for you. Decisive here is the attitude “In which language do you want to use Facebook”? Click …

* at the end of the line on “Edit”. So …

* you get to this dropdown. Here you can …

* choose one of dozens of languages ​​for the Facebook interface. When finished, click “Save Changes.”

How to Change Language on Facebook
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