How to Change Email on Facebook

If you have Change Email on Facebook, you can also change it on Facebook. We show you how it works. To log in to Facebook you need a valid e-mail address. If the address is no longer used or deleted, you should also change the email address on Facebook. We show how it works.

How to Change Email on Facebook

The email address becomes especially important if you have forgotten your password for the social network . The password can be reset via the e-mail. If you no longer have access to the corresponding mailbox, it will also be difficult with the Facebook login.

Change Email on Facebook

  1. Open the website of Facebook and select the “Settings” in the top right corner via the arrow.
  2. Under the item “E-mail address” click on the option “Add another e-mail address”.
  3. Enter your new mail address here and click on the “Save changes” button below.
  4. You can then activate the mail address above as the “Primary Email Address”.

set up a new mail address on Facebook

So you can set a new mail address on Facebook:

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner and open the settings.
  3. The section “General” contains the line “Contact”. This is the current e-mail address.
  4. Choose right “edit”.
  5. Here you can now set a new contact address via the blue button with the inscription “Add another e-mail address or phone number”.
  6. At the same time, an old, no longer required mail address can be deleted in this way. The deletion process must be confirmed by entering a password.

After the e-mail address has been changed, you will receive a confirmation message. This message contains a link. Only after clicking on the link will the change take effect.

Change email address for the Facebook login

In addition to the primary mail address, you can specify additional mailboxes in the social network. These are mainly used if you have forgotten your access data to the Facebook account and also no longer has access to the primary mail address. Alternatively, you can choose friendly contacts for these cases, with the help of which you can open Facebook without a password .

In the account settings of the social network you can also set which mails you want to receive from Facebook. So you can prevent, that you will be contacted about every new message or friend request by mail.

Change Email on Facebook with few steps

Every Facebook account is linked to an e-mail address. This is important for several purposes, such as login or password recovery. Our guide will show you how to change the email address on Facebook.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important that you have always provided an active email account on Facebook. In case of cases, you really need it. If you have switched to a new mail address, it is advisable to enter it on Facebook.

The easiest way is the mail change in the browser:

  1. Log in to Facebook .
  2. Click on your profile at the top of the menu and then click on “Info”.
  3. On the left, open the section “Contact information and general information”.
  4. Click “Edit” to the right of your email address.
  5. Select “Add additional contact” and enter the new e-mail address.
  6. You will receive an e-mail to the new address. This email has a link that you must follow to confirm the new address.
  7. Then remove the previous address. Alternatively, you can leave these in place to have more access to your account.
  8. Finally, click on “Save changes”.

It is important that you enter the new email address first, as your account must be linked to at least one email address at all times.

Facebook e-mail for everyone

Not every user should be able to cope with the paternalism and unsolicited intervention in the profile. Surely Facebook is not Xing and only rarely will someone probably search for the email address of a friend in the Facebook profile, but nevertheless the current change results in the fact that in such a case just to find the Facebook email in profile is.

Emails arriving at this address can then usually only be read on Facebook. The mails are displayed together with the normal Facebook messages.

Change or hide Facebook email address

Facebook has unsolicited and without announcement in the profile data of all Facebook users, the previously specified email address with a house Facebook email address replaced.

The previous email address such as was changed by the social network Facebook in the profile data of the users to With this, Facebook probably wants to reach the fact that more users will use the Facebook email address in the future and thus be more often on Facebook and stay longer on Facebook to read their emails. But do you want that too? We show you how to  change the Facebook email address or hide the Facebook email address .

Facebook has been offering its own email service since 2010. But a large part of the Facebook users do not know the service and does not use the email address of Facebook until now. This obviously wants to change Facebook now.

That’s why Facebook has changed the previous email address in the profile data to for all users. In the Facebook profile, only the in-house Facebook email address according to the profile is visible. And what does that mean for Facebook users?

An email sent to the new Facebook email address can only be read in Facebook itself. Because the Facebook emails are displayed together with the other Facebook messages. A rogue who thinks bad, the motivation of Facebook is clear.

Particularly problematic is the change of the Facebook email address, if the user has forgotten, for example, his login data and would like to reset the password. The message is then no longer sent to the previous address, but only to the internal address. And that’s exactly where the user does not come without his login data!

Restore old Facebook email address

Would you however like to have the previous attitude back and in the future the own Facebook friends again the old address after the pattern eg show? The following tutorial shows how to do it.

Instructions Facebook Email address change / hide

Step 1

If you have not already done so, log in to Facebook with your username and password.

step 2

Go to your own profile page . The browser then displays the URL .

Calling up your own profile page

step 3

On your profile page, click on ” Info “. The browser then displays the URL username / info .

Click on “Info” on the profile page

step 4

On your info page, you’ll find the section Contact Information . Check to see if the Facebook email address is listed here If you have not changed it, then Facebook has entered this here.

Contact information on the info page

step 5

In the contact information area, click on the “Edit” button to the right of the headline .

Edit contact information

step 6

In the newly opened window you will see an overview of all the email addresses that Facebook knows about you (see  Figure 5) .

Here you can click on the circle symbol in the line of your new Facebook email address . Facebook changed the setting to “displayed in the history”. Instead  , select “Hidden in the Chronicle” to hide your Facebook email address in the future profile.

Contact information Overview of all Fakebook email addresses

step 7

The previous email address such as should still be present in your contact information. If not, you can add a new e-mail address here.

If you want to restore the old state and want to show your Facebook friends the previous email address, then click on the crossed-out circle icon in the respective line and change the setting “hidden in the chronicle” to “displayed in the chronicle” .

Activate contact information for  previous email address

step 8

On this occasion, you can check who gets your email address displayed on Facebook. You can choose from the options “Public”, “Friends”, “Friends without friends”, “Only me” and “Custom”. I have selected the options “Friends” here.

“Public” is not recommended for email addresses on the web, but it leads in the long term to increased spam. “Only me” makes little sense in my opinion, so that as meaningful options  “friends” , “friends without acquaintances” or  “user-defined” remain. If you categorize your Facebook friends and differentiate between private friends and work colleagues, for example, the setting “custom” makes sense.

Set or check options for viewing the email address

step 9

Go back to your profile info page and check if the change of the Facebook email address works.


Some steps were necessary to change or hide the Facebook email address. Now you have the previous state back, and will be informed about new emails from friends again in your email program. One can argue about whether the unsolicited change of the email address by Facebook is good style or not. An official statement from Facebook on the topic does not exist yet.


How to Change Email on Facebook
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