Breast Augmentation – Breast Enlargement ( with Exercises )

Breast Augmentation Techniques. What do you need to do to Breast Augmentation, how do you grow your breasts by doing sports at home or on the road, what are the methods of rapid Breast Augmentation, and even more questions like this … Apparently, a tough task was waiting for me again: Breast Augmentation! If you want to have more fuller and bigger breasts, you can benefit from natural solutions.

In particular, we tell you about natural breast enhancement nutrients as well as natural breast enhancement exercises; if you’re ready, let’s start!

Breast Augmentation – Breast Enlargement Techniques

breast augmentation

In this article, you can find articles about the ways of breast augmentation in the following sections. Here are the techniques you can apply for breast augmentation:

  • Breast Enlargement Movements
  • Breast enlargement surgery
  • Secrets of breast enlargement for Asian and Indian women

Under the headings you can find the necessary explanations. And instead of enlarging your breasts, there are solutions that you may be temporarily happy about. You can follow them again from the following texts.

  • Breast Enlargement Makeup
  • How do you show me bigger than your breasts?

However, I would like to distinguish this article from the “Breast Augmentation Program” which explains the secrets of breast enlargement. Thanks to this program your breasts will be bigger than you are and will make you more attractive with tight and beautiful shape.

Breast Augmentation Naturally

1- Drink breast enhancement tea

Nettle tea is helping to grow the breasts. We especially recommend this method that we have tried and we have received super results. This tea is both economical and effective, helping to release the estrogen hormone and enlarge the breasts.

The recipe is quite easy:

Add 1 dessert spoon dried nettle 1 cup water to boiling water and brew for 5 minutes. For the sake and for good. You need to drink 1 cup of nettle tea each day, it may be morning or evening, you can decide it.

2- Consume nutrient breasts

Plants that facilitate both digestion and breast growth are: flaxseed, barley and barley breast growth; sunflower, zucchini and anise seeds stimulate the development of the mammoths. There are nutrients that increase the secretion of estrogen hormone.

The consumption of red beans, broccoli, beets, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, lentils, celery, green beans, onion, cowpea, chickpeas and peas is effective for the development of body folds.

* There are nutrients from dairy products that help both to weaken and to develop muscles: you can provide natural breast growth by consuming kefir, milk, ayran, yogurt.
Chicken baguette consumption helps to breed.

* For more plump breasts, eat apples, cherries, peaches, grapes, melons and pears.

* Whole wheat, brown rice, wheat germ, bean sprouts, olives, prunes, oatmeal are useful for breast health.

* The use of a small amount of cement mixture of fenugreek, fennel, rye, clove, ginger, and hinte helps to enlarge the breasts.

Do natural breast augmentation exercises

The only thing you need to do is to have more upright and cheerful breasts, and to be as burning as the summer sun, providing a general tightening in your body; to separate 15-20 minutes a day for 3 days a week for these simple exercises.

You can do breast enhancement exercises using two dumbbells. You can “wake up” them by running your chest muscles. When these muscles are regularly operated, they will recover and become more rigid and voluminous than their old counterparts. Moreover, such exercises also stimulate blood circulation in the tissues of the chest and surrounding area. The result? Breasts look fuller and alive!

The most basic exercise you need to do to operate your chest muscles is to take your dumbbells to your hand and lie down on a soft spot and unite your arms above and then on top of your breasts.

It’s not that much you can do with the Dumbbells. You can also tighten your arms with different exercises. Take your dumbbells and lift them up. Lower your dumbbell into your enslave by bending your arms from the elbow. This movement will also help you recover if your arms are sagging and prevent future sags.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

With natural breast augmentation movements your breasts can have a tight and perfect shape. Breast augmentation exercises alone do not increase the chest size.

Instead, it activates muscle groups that hold the breasts, helping the breasts to reach the beautiful folds. At the same time, the developing muscle structure is fuller and firmer than the breasts are upright. We will be next with these movements

Breast augmentation exercises alone are not enough, as mentioned above. However, they provide the basis for the application of other techniques to assist. Thanks to these exercises,

  • Increases blood flow of breast tissue (- this leads to some breast growth)
  • Increased blood flow helps the chest to have perfect twists

Breast Augmentation – Simple 3 exercises

All breast augmentation movements must be performed on a specific routine. Beginning and 4 weeks – 6 weeks and so on. it would be good to make measurements at the end of the periods to see the change of the chest axis and size. It can motivate you to see the stages of digging and partial growth, and it helps you to continue with your routines.

Arm and wrist stretching movements

Arm and wrist exercises not only provide good hand coordination but also speed up blood flow to the body. The strength of the arms and wrists will make your work easier during breast enhancement movements.

Weight can be worked to strengthen arms and wrists. In addition, a small ball is gripped in the palm of your hand. After 5 to 10 seconds, the arm and knee are released. The same movement is repeated with the other hand.

1- Bench Press Motion

* Stand back on the bench. Your feet may be twisted or straight. Get your best position.

* Prepare halothers with an appropriate weight. Begin with very low pounds to prevent injuries and injuries. If you have no previous experience, you can use the barbell alone.

* Grasp the barbell bar so your arms are perpendicular to your body and your palms are facing up. Remember that the position of your hands is important.

* Gently lift upwards.

* Gently lower it downwards.

* When working with such equipment, multiple individual weights should not be preferred. Also make sure you have someone with you.

2- Rear Armpit and Prectoral Chest Scar

As shown in the picture above, this movement using the chair activates the posterior arm muscles and the prectoral chest muscles. To make this move you should choose a sturdy, wheelless chair. The chair example is given to show that even the office can be easily done.

* Sit on the end of the chair so that your palms can face

* Make sure the width of the hand is as wide as the shoulder width

* Move your feet forward

* Your knee should go as far as your toes will not bend.

Your head should be upright and above your chest

* Slow down your body. Your elbows should be 90 degrees and
the weight of your body should be in your arms. Use your arm strength to lift and lower your body. These movements can be done 1-2 sets with 6-8 repetitions.

3- Vertical Push-Up

It’s not as effective as the classic push-up we know. However, it is an ideal breast enlargement movement for beginners or those who can not make classic push-up movements. You can also do this in your office without hesitation.

* Stand 2-3 steps away from the wall

* Rest your hands on the wall and give your body weight to your arms.

* Notice that your hands and feet are open shoulder width.

* Your hands should be in the chest

* The feet of your feet must be pressed

* Bend your elbows to your breast wall

* Then take your starting position by straightening your elbows

* Perform this action as a set of 6-8 times again

Miracle Breast Enlargement Secrets of Asian and Indian Women

The beginning of research to raise the breasts is based on Asian and Indian women who lived hundreds of years ago. Asian and Indian women are predominantly breast-fed by genetic make-up and have investigated the secrets of Miracle Breast Enlargement.

The need to enlarge the breasts for the purposes of today’s modern woman’s self-confidence, good looks, attention and healthy looks has been demanded in the past for similar reasons. Natural breast enhancement techniques have been researched by Asian and Indian women during periods when there are no unnatural drugs or silicones built in the lab.

Because of the increased number of people complaining of side effects of nonspecific breast augmentation creams and breast augmentation surgery, the methods used in the past are coming back and are being applied successfully.

Particularly, it is very important to pay attention to the pills which are mainly used for chemical substances. Nowadays, even using the names of many brands, fake medicines can be produced without hesitation and can be marketed under different skates.

For this reason, it is necessary to be very careful when using medicines. It is recommended that you do not initiate such a drug treatment without consulting your doctor or an expert doctor.

How did the Indian women follow their breasts to grow?

The techniques and methods used by Indian women to enlarge their breasts have also been used in the treatment of other diseases in the same community. Successful solutions have been produced in these cases where these methods are widely used.

  • Urinary problems
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Appetite problems
  • Miden problems
  • Cough and Colds
  • injuries
  • Infertility and dyspnea problems
  • And of course small breasts

Especially in the last line, you have to pay careful attention. Because “the miraculous breast enlargement secrets of Asian and Indian women” are hidden in the ways that these tribes develop. Research done by modern laboratories requires certain conditions to grow for the resulting breasts.

  • Balance of hormones (Ostrogen increased, testosterone decreased)
  • Triggering of growth hormone
  • Increase prolactin

Indians and Asian women, on the other hand, were able to achieve this balance even if they did not consider breast growth as a hormone balance. How did they do this? How did they get rid of being small-breasted?

How can you show your breasts bigger ?

In this article, I will not talk about “makeup technique made on the breasts” or “clothes choice”. With a few touches, I’ll try to explain how you can show your breasts bigger than you have.

First Step;

First, a bra is used without a strap and a full length of the breasts. This bra should be exactly the size of your breasts so you can get your breasts up. It will also support the breasts, which are bougainvillea. If the bra is strapless, it will prevent it from appearing even if a hanging blouse is worn as seen in the picture. The growth in the breasts is beginning to become clear with the balooned bra. A slight shape change began to occur on the upper side of the breasts.

Second step;

We can go to the second stage after the breasts are lifted upwards and the upper lines are visible a little. At this stage, we will bring the breasts closer to each other and make the line between them clearer. For this we use a second brat to pull the breasts towards the front. The inner material of this second bra has a soft and sticky structure.

On this count, we can pull the breasts straight out. When you wear the second suf, you have to put the brace on the left side to the right and the brace on the right side to the left to place the brace. We can get a much more shaped and fuller chest image by pulling up the breasts we lifted up with the first bra on the second bra.

Breast Augmentation Makeup

I continue to write tricks with Chest Makeup to show the bigger than the breasts. I’ll try to show you how to make a makeup to show your breasts bigger in the picture. We have shown how bigger my breasts are, how bigger my breasts are with my writing, bra and squeezing methods. Now, with chest makeup, we will create a growth impression for a few minutes.

Breast Augmentation Makeup Materials 

The materials we use in this division are quite simple. When the makeup technique is applied on the bra and the compression technique, the breasts look much bigger than they are.

  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer (Bronzing Powder)
  • Powder Brush
  • Makeup Brush

Breast Augmentation Makeup Step 1 :

We start with Makyaja “Higjlighter”. We draw a line up right in the middle of the chest. We then draw a “V”, centering on this perpendicular line, which follows our natural chest folds. We publish this “V” letter we draw and the straight line, with our fingers.

The important point here is to capture the natural look. No brush marks or sharp lines are required.

Breast Augmentation Makeup Step 2 :

Once we have created a tonal difference with Highlighter and have made preparations for depth, we need to bring the natural lines of the breasts to the foreground with a thin makeup brush. We draw contours of the breast lines by drawing a half-moon thick line with bronzing powder for this.

We repeat this practice for both chest. When we finish the application with the tanner, we have to get the rightmost image below.

Breast Augmentation Makeup Step 3 :

We distribute the lines drawn with make-up pencil with a powder brush. If you think the brush is inadequate, you can lighten the tanner with your fingers. On this count, the chest pit will become apparent and your breasts will look bigger than you are with chest makeup.

Breast Augmentation and Posture Prevention

The emphasis in breast enlargement and posture is mainly on the effect of posture on the posture problem and how we can provide the right posture.

If you look at yourself at the same time, if you see your shoulders falling forward, or if you turn your back and pick up a small mirror on your hand and see if your back has a rounded look on the shoulder, you might think that you are facing a serious posture problem.

Most of us are spending hours at the computer, both at work and at home for a few hours. This means that we can make a maximum of 6-8 hours of the day without effort to make our shovel bones sway forward and the formation of the buckwheat.

The visceral potency of the breasts

Faced with such a posture problem, it means that you are not projecting the potential size of your breasts visually. Now, face the mirror, throw your shoulders behind you and take the upright position, so you now see the potential size of your breasts more clearly.

So you have what you can do to uncover the potential of your breasts. Your breasts become more prominent than the people in your circle, they will be very good psychologically for you.

According to a research done, positive attitudes in human psychology have proved to be great. A woman who has placed silicone on her chest after surgery does not always have good results when she gets new breasts.

Even after a smooth operation and reaching the desired breast size, it can disrupt a woman’s psychological balances. It may be uncomfortable that in the first days his new breasts cause him to feel better, but over time he may have carried an object that does not belong to him in his body to cover a roughness in himself.

I want to make another small note … Did you know that your neck will be 3-4 cm long due to its smooth posture? It is possible to reach a proper posture thanks to the lengthening exercises …

Correct Posture Exercises for Breast Augmentation

What can I do for correct posture? I can hear you asking … I will try to tell you some correct stance and breast augmentation movements that you can do in the housewife ‘s Miracle Breast Enlargement book. Performing these activities on a regular basis will make you feel good about the results you are doing and the results you will receive.

1. Chest Lift Motion

Hands on the face-to-face as the hands will be in the chin area. Lift your head, chest and arms as high as possible and stop for 10 seconds and come back to the main position. Repeat this movement 5-10 times a day.

2. Inverse “V” Movement

Position on the ground so that you will stand on your hands and your knees. Raise your hips towards the ceiling and press down on the floor of your hands and feet. Your body should look like an inverted “V”.