How to Get Bigger Boobs ( Bigger Breasts Naturally )

How to Get Bigger Boobs. Breast Enlargement to have Bigger Breast is a concept closely related to the understanding of women and their psychological state. Because having beautiful breasts is directly related to women’s beauty and is highly influential on women’s self-confidence.It is perceived as “the symbol of womanhood and femininity” to have beautiful, bigger breasts in all societies and social groups.

Anyway, the second most aesthetic intervention in the whole world is Breast Enlargement surgery. That is, every year millions of women lie beneath their knees in order to have beautiful bigger breasts.

How to Get Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts without Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Many women avoid surgical methods to have Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts and prefer more natural methods.
Reaching fuller and more formal breasts; women make themselves feel more beautiful and attractive.

For this purpose, the more expensive and more painful operations are the non-surgical breast enhancement methods.

Bigger Breasts with Breast Enlargement methods without surgery

We begin with the details of the new method of breast Enlargement without surgery.

1- Injection with Oil, Filler or Aquafilling

Breast tissue; it is the injection method to have the desired breast size.With this method, which lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and is administered under local anesthesia, one can immediately return to daily life.

Depending on the nature of the filling material used, the duration of this method may vary.

  • The substance injected for breast tissue is taken from the patient’s own fat and may be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of the oil.
  • The filling material injected for breast tissue may vary from 6 months to 1.5 years.
  • The permanence of the filling process with Aquafilling can range from 4 to 8 years. When this substance is injected into the bigger breasts, the soft touch increases the volume.

Whichever filling material is preferred, how much injected it will be determined in accordance with the demands of the patient and the opinions of the specialist doctors.

The price of this breast Enlargement method differs according to the selected filler material and the amount of filler.
As the amount of filler used increases, the cost of the method will also increase.

2- Breast Enlargement Exercises

If you look at the anatomical structure of the breasts, you will only see that it is composed of grease and gland tissue. From this point of view, the end result is that physical activities can not enlarge the breasts.

But; breast Enlargement exercises should not be considered to be a direct cause of growth in mammals.

It is the exercise of the “prectoral” muscle group intended for these exercises. If these muscles work and develop, they look bigger than if they had bigger breasts.

In an other saying; breasts can grow to the desired extent by the development of prectoral muscles. But; it will be bigger breasts and more shaped.
The exercises that develop most prectoral muscles can be listed as follows.

  • Vertical push-ups or the so-called “Wall-up” feet are opened to the shoulder width and the palms rest against the wall.

Then the arms are bent from the elbows and the body is pushed forward.
Wait for about 10 seconds and repeat this 5 times.

  • flys; The backrest is extended to the exercise chair and appropriate weights are selected. The arms are then stretched parallel to each other while holding the weights, and then joined on the chest.
  • Elevator Push-ups or “elevated push-ups” known in the name Put the feet 25-30 cm above the ground. You can get help from a chair for this position.

Then put your hands on the floor and take the push-up position. The feet must be stationary and the body must move.

3- Breast Enlargement Massage to have bigger breasts 

Prolactin; a hormone that plays an important role in breast growth. If the secretion of this hormone is regularly triggered; Breast growth may occur.

It is not impossible to have bigger breasts than normal, especially by consuming regular massages and phytoestrogenic foods.

The main point is; regularly repeating the breast Enlargement massages and devoting time to this massage every day.

These massages, which can be applied in the morning and at night, can change both the shape and the size of the breasts.

The main purpose of massage techniques is to accelerate blood circulation and increase the volume of breast tissue.

Breast Enlargement massage techniques to have bigger breasts ;

  • Chi Massage
  • Oil Transfer Massage
  • Reiki Massage
  • Feng Shui Chest Massage
  • Lymph Drainage Massage
  • Nozzle Brushing Technique

There are some considerations that should be taken into account when applying massage techniques;

  • Cream or natural oils should be preferred when breast massage is performed. Avocado oil, sesame oil, black sesame oil, aloe vera gel, linseed oil, lavender oil may be preferred.
  • Massage should be done warmly.
  • During the massage, the bigger breasts should not be over-stressed.
  • The massage needs to be done twice a day to get the best results.
  • At least 30 days must be waited for the results to be recognized.

4- Breast Enlargement Creams

Although there are advertisements that emphasize the exact solution with breast enhancement features in the market; the end of scientific research is the point at which these products do not benefit.

We specifically advise you not to consider such advertisements.
These creams, which claim to enlarge the breast glands by increasing the estrogen hormone level, are not among the effective and permanent breast Enlargement methods (breast Enlargement ).

5- Breast Enlarging Nutrition

By adding breast augmentative nutrients to the nutritional program, the increase in volume and size in the breasts can be achieved, even in the long run.

It is the hormonal triggering of why the effects of breast Enlargement of food.

There are 4 basic hormones needed for breast Enlargement ;

  • Estrogen
  • progesterone
  • prolactin
  • Growth hormone

Foods that increase the level of estrogen

Apple, peach, garlic, rice, cherry plum, barley, cumin, flaxseed, sunflower, parsley, cashew, carrot and cucumber.

Foods that increase the level of phytoestrogen

Soybean, black tea, pistachio, white wine, watermelon, strawberry, zucchini.
By increasing the consumption of these foods and massaging hormone secretions, the growth rate of the breasts can be increased.

As a result;

As we have already mentioned, for women, breasts are regarded as a “demonstration of femininity”, and for this reason women who have small breasts want to enlarge their breasts.

Surgical and non-surgical methods are available to have larger breasts, but it is obvious that non-surgical methods are not sufficient for breast Enlargement .

Breast (breast) to enlarge; it is possible to achieve the most precise, permanent and fast dissolving surgical methods.

How to Get Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts with Naturally

1.Step to Get Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts

Get results with miraculous food

Natural breast Enlargement tools are much more effective than pills used in breast Enlargement . Moreover, unlike medicines, it has no side effects. A woman may be able to grow her breasts in a short period of time by paying attention to the natural nutrition style.

Some doctors, unfortunately, are contagious with birth control pills and some antidepressants as if they were breast-raising. This is absolutely wrong. It is true that these drugs cause hormone changes and so enlarge the breasts. However, this method of breast Enlargement is not healthy, and after a while, severe sagging in the chest can be seen. Moreover, these pills also cause irreversible damage to the body’s resistance.

Breast Enlargement with natural foods is the most reliable way to go. Here are some foods and their characteristics that have miraculous consequences:

1- Parsley to have bigger boobs or bigger breasts

The first epoch was used as the most effective breast enhancement plant from Roman and Egyptian inscriptions to the day-to-day. In many old paintings, large breasted women are portrayed with palms on their hands. In some cultures, it has been recommended as a “pregnant drug” for women who can not have children.

One thing to be aware of is the consumption of parsley in plants. Parsley joining meals has no serious effect. A few branches of parsley per day is a very effective breast augmenting agent.

2- Black Grape to have bigger boobs or bigger breasts

Black grape kernel is a very effective breast Enlargement tool. In some markets only the cores are sold, but they need to be highly respected. Fresh black grapes are much more useful if taken with the kernel.

3- Sweet potato to have bigger boobs or bigger breasts

Although not appealing to everyone’s taste, it should be known that the ground diamond is a very serious breast Enlargement plant.

4- Date Fruit to have bigger boobs or bigger breasts

It is a very effective breast Enlargement festival, popularly known as “breast Enlargement medicine of Arab women” and often brought into the agenda by European Orientalists. Because it contains very rich iron mineral, it increases the resistance of the body. It also has a sexual performance enhancing feature.

5- Fennel

As a herb tea, it is a milk-boosting feature in married women. In young girls, they allow the breast Enlargement to grow transversely. Both breasts are very close to each other, or very distant to each other, helping the breasts to settle proportionately in the chest.

6- Black cabbage

It is an important plant that has been found to prevent breast cancer in recent years. Especially, it helps breast Enlargement grow in harmony with all of your chest. It should not be forgotten that the nipples are a very important element of breast aesthetics.

7- Milk or milk chocolate

Milk foods are a very effective breast Enlargement tool especially for girls in adolescence. But people in this age usually do not like milk products. Milk chocolate is more suitable for the taste of the people of this age and contributes to the positive results.

2.Step to Get Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts

Natural breast massages to have bigger breasts

Massages that can be made by the person himself have very positive results on the way to breast Enlargement .

It is a good idea to have massages before or during the night.

In the morning, it is a time period when the blood flow is the fastest and the body is vigorous. For this reason it is a suitable time for breast massage. Night massages are a suitable time interval for massages to be made with natural creams.

Things to consider in breast massages:

* Fingertips are never used in a chest massage. Massage with palms.

* Massage should not move upwards or downwards or squeeze. Massage with oval movements and soft touches.

* Massage should not be too harsh, and in general a “sensible but uncomfortable dose” should be preferred.

* The duration of the chest massage should not exceed 10-15 minutes.

Breast massages are made with bare hands without the use of any cream. Breasts can be grown in significant proportions. However, if the person wishes, he can apply a breast enhancement massage with the following natural products:

1- Natural breast enhancement massage with honey

It is possible to enlarge, upright and give them a fresher look with a light massage to be made with filtered honey and chest. When honey is massaged, care should be taken to keep the breasts at least half an hour of honey.

2- Natural breast enhancement massage with black sesame oil

It is a light orange-yellowish liquid that can be found in almost all transmutations. It is a natural oil preferred by women whose breasts are still small, especially when they reach middle age. It needs to be applied very lightly.

3- Natural breast enhancement massage with olive oil

It is a natural breast Enlargement massage which is very often preferred in Mediterranean countries. Olive oil has the characteristic of softening and relaxing the muscles. If you are massaged with olive oil, you should wear a brassiere and an abundance of clothes.

4- Massage with flaxseed oil

It is a light yellow color that women prefer to get results in a short time. The difference from other massage oils is that they are applied without interruption for a few days. When you massage your breasts with linseed oil every day for 15 days, a marked growth is observed in the breasts.

3.Step to Get Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts

Breast Enlargement exercises and warm baths

It is a very effective breast Enlargement technique that sleeps by taking a few minutes of arm and shoulder exercise before going to bed at night and then taking a warm shower.

The arms and shoulders are exercised with rhythmic movements in the form of a circle. This movement allows the lateral chest muscles to strengthen. Thus the breasts become steeper and fuller.

Although it is stated that abdominal exercises are beneficial for breast Enlargement , this is not the right approach. Because the abdominal exercises only look at the abdominal region, the breasts look bigger, causing eye misalignment.

It is extremely beneficial to have a warm bath after the exercise and to settle down. In fact, any activity that combines water and sport affects the chest beauty positively. Even taking care of swimming sports can be more effective than most serious breast Enlargement surgery.

How to Get Bigger Boobs or Bigger Breasts with Surgery

Before you decide on breast Enlargement surgery, I will try to tell you the information before and after breast Enlargement surgery in this research process. I am not a doctor and I would like to tell you that I have shared the information I have given with you as a result of my research.

Before Breast Enlargement

Before your breast Enlargement surgery, you need to tell your doctor whether you have any illnesses. Doctors are asking you to take blood thinners (such as aspirin) until 1 week before the surgery day, as surgery should not be on time.

Taking a decision to enlarge your breasts with surgery does not mean that this procedure is appropriate.

Before the breast Enlargement surgery Doctors should decide whether an ambulatory surgery is appropriate as a result of the tests made before the operation. Before 6 o’clock on the day of surgery, you will go to the hospital as an anemic patient and some blood tests will be done to determine your general health condition, which may prevent amelia.

If the tests are successful, the operation will be started if the anesthesia extension is finally inspected and gives consent for the operation.

During surgery

“Breast Enlargement surgery” is performed under general anesthesia. One of the things to be aware of is that you have appropriate equipment at the hospital where you will be operating. The duration of surgery varies according to the technique to be applied. The underarm technique lasts 30 to 40 minutes, while the other techniques take about 1 to 1.5 hours, which can take up to 3 hours if you want to straighten your breasts.

After Breast Enlargement

It takes a couple of hours to get through the surge of surgery. It is said that you will be able to go home the same day if you do not have any pain to bother you too much if the surgery is successful and you feel good about yourself. The next day after you become a battalion, you need to carry a special bra. You can get information from your doctor about the use and properties of the bath.

Healing period after Surgery 

Healing period after breast Enlargement surgery It is not recommended to take a shower in the first 3 days after breast Enlargement surgery is over. After 3 days it is suggested to take a shower with warm water. You will survive the healing period so that you will not have intense pain after surgery. As long as your pain does not interfere with your movements, you can also return to your business life.

Surgical scars and stitching will give you discomfort from time to time. In the early stages, your body will accept silicones placed in your breasts, and you will need time for your presence.

Your breasts will be bruised and edema will occur, so your new silicone breasts will look more swollen than normal. Once the healing process is complete, it will come to normal size. It takes about 8 to 10 months for the complete recovery of the ointment. If you perceive the silicones placed in your body as a part of your body, you need at least 2 months and you should be constantly under doctor’s control.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

When applying breast augmentative exercises, it is important to keep in mind that the right muscle group must be operated. It has an oily structure in terms of chest function and function. In order for the applied movements to serve the purpose, it is necessary to operate the “Prekrotal” muscle group. Otherwise, the exercise will not be affected. Below you can see 5 breast enhancement exercises with extremely high activity.

1- Wall-Up:

Breast Enlargement exercises are the simplest to practice. It is a movement quite similar to a push-up. The only difference between them is that support is provided from a wall for the wall-up movement while the push-up movement is performed with support from the floor.

Open your feet shoulder width and rest your arms on the wall, looking at the palm of your hand. Bend your arms out of the elbows until your nose is touching the wall. When your nose reaches the point of contact with the nose, wait for 10 seconds and return to your old position again. Repeat this movement 5 times.


This name is given because you will appear to be flying over your back. Lay your back on the exercise table. You need two weights. Once you have the weights on your hands, open your arms until they are parallel to the sides.

Then raise your arms so that they can be folded over your chest. Make sure your arms are straight during the set so that the movement is effective. If you twist from the elbows, your movement will lose its power and effect.

3- Rotation Push-up:

It looks like a classic push-up motion as of posture. However, the structure of the movement and the muscle mass it targets are completely different. Start moving by pulling a normal push-up. When you are up, make sure your body is in a straight position.

Keep your left arm straight and open upwards. turn your body with your left arm. When your distance between the two arms is 180 degrees, return your left arm to the push-up position to end the movement. Take another push-up. This time use your left arm as support and do the opening movement with your right arm. Complete this action 10 times in 3 sets.

4- Elevated Push-up:

Another move similar to the push-up position. As you can see, different versions of push-ups are the most effective breast Enlargement exercises used to study prectocal muscles.

The only difference of this move from the classic push-up is that the legs are on the ground instead of 25-30 cm high on an object. The feet must be pointed at the tip of the finger and should not move forward or backward.

5- Chest Dips:

There are special tools for this movement in the gyms. But you can do it at home comfortably through a chair. Sit in the chair. Then slide yourselves forward by holding both sides of the chair with both hands. Bend your feet on your knees. Weigh your weight in your arms. In your arms, download and lift your body.