How to Become a Doula

How to Become a Doula.Doula refers to educated professionals in this area that provide physical, emotional and informational support to mother and family before, during, and during childbirth.She gives birth to mother at birth, at puerperium. (Mothering the mother)

In fact, we all know that for centuries, pregnant, giving birth, and puerile women are receiving physical, emotional and informal support. This supporter can be a mother’s wife, a family relative or a friend when the place comes. Doula’s difference is that she takes her job by taking her education based on more defined and professional practices.

What is Doula?

How to Become a Doula

Doula is a non-medical educated professional who provides physical, emotional and informative support to women and their families who give birth before, during and after the birth. In modern birth culture, the only person who can provide uninterrupted support to the mother and father throughout the entire birth process and the moment of birth can be doula.

Doula works with them intensively to meet their parents before birth and explore their anticipations, fears, and desires about birth and parenting. Doula supports the family to develop a mental structure to deal with pain and to acquire equipment that can be handled when things are expected or not planned.

Doulas can use massage techniques, take birth physiology information for position recommendation, encourage, help with breathing and meditation techniques, and help family members understand general hospital procedures.

Doulas can play a leading role in birth support, or they can simply keep waiting until they are needed and protect their birth area. Doulas can encourage and help the father who supports the mother according to the wishes of the family, and can also assist in the father’s personal journey if desired.

What is Dualas Duties ?

Doulas remain with the family until the baby is born, starting breastfeeding or sleeping comfortably with the mother and baby. They are ready to go to interview for weeks and months following birth.

The most basic task of Doula is to help protect the sacred and intimate space that the delivering woman needs. A doula also supports the parents in the following matters:

  • When you are planning your birth, you will be informed about your options and support your choices.
  • It will be with you from the beginning to the end of your birth (according to the job description your doctor or eben can not do it).
  • It helps you understand general hospital procedures and make informed decisions.
  • It physically relaxes you at home and at hospital in various stages of childbirth. For example, by making special massages, helping you to enter the most comfortable and useful positions for you, breathing exercises together, putting you in the shower, etc.
  • It acts as a mediator in your communication with your surroundings and helps you to maintain the peace of mind you need.
  • In this intense experience, you increase your confidence in yourself by protecting your calm, allowing you to realize that everything is going well
  • It supports your partner and helps him to participate in the birth experience he wants.

What’s the Difference Between a Doula and a Nurse and a Midwife?

Nurses and midwife have specialist expertise in the technical aspects of birth because they have received a medical education. Because douls do not receive medical training, they do not check the baby’s heartbeat, do the examination, and do not give medication.

Doulars are only there for physical, emotional and informative support that nurses and ebes can not afford to give due to the number of people they have to deal with at the same time.

Doulas are trained to understand the use of general hospital procedures and interventions, their effects on women and their babies. However, they only use this information to provide an objective perspective on the interventions recommended to women and their families.

Why “Birth Coach” but “Doula”?

The Dollars of North America (DONA International) decided that the world’s leading doula organization does not represent the true role of the imagination that the “coach” word implies.

How to Become a Doula

Doulas should be patient, flexible and self-aware. Whether or not they agree with a DUO, they should be prepared to give support to the delivering woman and her family as they desire. Doula is as demanding as being rewarding.

When a birthday is to be held, the mobile phone should always be near and reachable by day or night. Births can be as short as three hours or as long as all day. Some cashiers can work in pairs to lighten the feeling of constant nauseousness.

Douls with small children should be able to reach a babysitter who can rely on them every hour of the day. It can be quite challenging physically and spiritually for everyone who has some births. Doula should have a support communication line to deal with these difficult births.

Still, at the end of the day, in all these challenging moments, the mother who is supporting the mother will enjoy the magnificent gift of sharing the most sacred moments of a woman’s life with her.

What is the difference between Doula and Midwife?

Complexity and artificiality of the birth environment with evolving technology, as well as the endless support to the mother and the family, have begun to be widely preferred in many countries.

It may be a little difficult to understand the difference between the doula and the midwife in those countries where Ebberein actively participates in births, or even where it is common for the only professional assistant in birth.

However, although the role of midwife and mother seems to be similar to each other, this role is actually quite different. It is evident that when working together as a team, there are quite positive results in labor; the presence of an ebenine and a baby at birth gives great benefits to the family and the mother.

– The midwife performs a health check during pregnancy.

-The midwife makes the heartbeat of the baby during the birth process, the tension of the mother’s cervix, and similar medical insights.

-The midwife performs a health check on both the mother and the baby during the lohusa period.

-The midwife can give emotional and psychological support according to the education she can receive and the time she can relate.

-Doula is only interested in the emotional state of your mother. It can be with the mother completely because she is not busy with other attitudes.

-Doula can give uninterrupted support during the birthday.

-During the birth of Doulan, your father and your family have time to care for your every need.

-Doula can provide individual support at home during the poverty period.