How to Backup Contacts on Iphone

Backup Contacts on Iphone. To back up your contacts, you can either use the good old iTunes backup , or trust iCloud. To enable backup of iCloud contacts: Your contacts will now be automatically synced to the Apple Cloud. You will find them on your other iOS devices (iPad) but also on your Mac computers and why not PC if you install the iCloud connector.

Backup Contacts on iphone with itunes

Well known to music lovers, iTunes offers other features than listening and rating its favorite albums on a computer or smartphone . To save your contacts on iPhone from iTunes, nothing complicated. Connect your smartphone to a computer ( Mac or PC ) via a USB cable, then launch iTunes (if it does not open automatically).

Backup Contacts on Iphone

Then choose to synchronize your smartphone with Apple’s software. Your phone’s data will be stored on your computer. Today, it is possible to synchronize and back up data automatically and wirelessly over a Wi-Fi network.

Backup Contacts on iphone with icloud

Apple offers owners of an iOS smartphone to back up their online contacts via iCloud. Here again, the operation is accessible to all and fast. Just go to the settings of iCloud on your smartphone, then in the tab “Contacts”. Then select the “backup” option, and activate this backup manually.

Pay attention to the size of your backed up files if you do not want to exceed the free storage volume available on your iCloud space. Saving contacts on iOS via iCloud also requires being connected to a Wi-Fi network and plugging the iPhone into the mains.

Backup Contacts on iphone with Dedicated Apps

As on Android , there are finally some applications on iOS that can back up your contacts to prevent theft, loss or failure of your smartphone. This is the case for IDrive, My Contacts Backup and Apowersoft. The use of these applications, however, remains rather marginal in view of the effectiveness of the two previous methods.

Backup Contacts on iphone to a SIM card

Despite the advent of cloud services, many people still use the SIM card to save the contents of their mobile phone’s address book. Except that as you already know, the iPhone offers no function to transfer contacts to a SIM card. This questionable choice can sometimes cause some problems including a change of mobile phone. Fortunately a trick can circumvent this limitation.

Import contacts from an iPhone to a SIM card

The flagship products of the Apple brand operate in a closed ecosystem. The US brand has always refused any interoperability with the terminals of these competitors or open services. She prefers to keep her hand on the hardware, the software but also on some of the content that passes on its terminals (Apple Music, iTunes, iBooks, AppStore etc.)

You will not be surprised to learn that the iPhone offers no tools to save contacts on a SIM card (while the opposite is possible). This is not in the philosophy of the brand. Apple prefers its customers to back up their phone book on iTunes via its backup system or in the cloud (preferably iCloud).

However this choice is problematic especially when a user decides to migrate to an Android mobile . Of course, many smartphone manufacturers like Samsung offer software to facilitate the transfer of data from iOs to Android. But this does not affect all Android devices.

The jailbreak

For those who wish to leave the path marked by Apple and save their address book on a SIM card, the only solution is called Jailbreak. Unlocking Apple’s mobile operating system will give you full access to all the features of your iPhone, including the transfer of contacts to a SIM .

Be careful, jailbreak your iPhone is delicate operation requiring strong technical skills. Even if we find on the net many tools able to jailbreak your mobile, this technique remains perilous. You can seriously damage your phone. Do not forget that the manipulation will blow the guarantee of the iPhone.

Transfer contacts from an iPhone to Android

If you just need to copy some contacts to a SIM and you have an Android mobile, here is a quick enough procedure that will allow you to circumvent the restrictions put in place by Apple. Before going into the thick of it, know that you will remove the SIM card from your iPhone to slide into an Android mobile.

Be careful, not all phones use the same SIM card size (standard SIM, Nano Sim or Micro SIM). Start by checking if the one you use adapts to your different mobile devices.

  • Open the Contact app on your iPhone
  • Select the correspondent you wish to transfer to a SIM card
  • Click the Share contacts button and then share his contacts by e-mail
  • Turn off your iPhone and remove the SIM card
  • Take your Android smartphone
  • Open the drawer and slide inside the smart card (SIM)
  • Turn on the mobile
  • Open your mail application
  • Save received vCard files by email to the internal memory of your smartphone
  • Open the Contacts app
  • Press the Menu button in the app
  • Click the Import Export option
  • Then check the Phone box
  • Select the SIM card to which you want to copy your contacts

Now all you need to do is select the contacts to import to your SIM by checking the box to the left of your correspondent’s name. Once the selection is complete, click on the ok button to start the data transfer. The contacts you have selected will be copied to your SIM card. A notification will inform you of the good progress of the procedure.

Do not forget to put the SIM card back in your iPhone. Without that, you will not be able to receive your messages, call or surf the internet.

How to save the contacts of the iPhone?

This guide will show you how to export your iPhone contacts to the PC. CopyTrans Contacts offers different backup formats such as VCF, Excel, CSV or Windows Contacts.

1- Download CopyTrans Contacts software

2- Install the software.

3- Open the program and connect the iPhone to the PC. CopyTrans Contacts will now display the contacts. Select the ones you want to save or check the “Contacts” box to select them all at once.

4- Now click on “Export Selection”.

5- Now select the format of the contacts backup file. To export all your contacts to the PC, select “Save your address book” – in this case, several .VCF files will be created.

6- A second window appears. Choose or create a new backup folder and click “OK”.

7- Contacts are imported into the chosen folder on your PC as vCard files.

8- If you prefer to have a single file containing all the contact details of your contacts, you can opt for the .XLS format:

In the corresponding columns, you will find all the data of your contacts such as numbers, addresses, e-mails etc.

9- You have finished ! Your iPhone contacts are now saved on your PC.

How to Backup Contacts on Iphone
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