Back Pain When Breathing

Back Pain When Breathing can have different causes. Many people suffer from such complaints in their lives. Often, the pain is harmless and occurs as a concomitant of a flu infection or through muscular tension . However, since serious and needy treatment causes can hide behind the complaints, a medical clarification is advisable. Through a conversation with the doctor and a thorough physical examination, the reason for Back Pain When Breathing is usually found quickly and adequate therapy can be provided.

Back Pain When Breathing

Basically, Back Pain When Breathing of various causes in question, which may be responsible for the symptoms. Often the pain is caused by muscular hardening and tension . Due to an unfavorable posture, mainly sedentary activities and lack of exercise it comes to cramps in the muscles. These in turn irritate nerves in the environment and cause pain. Even blocked vertebral joints can be responsible for the pain.

Back Pain When Breathing

Back Pain When Breathing causes

Back Pain When Breathing often occurs as part of influenza infections , especially if coughingconsists. Due to the many coughs the chest muscles are heavily stressed. This can lead to irritation, which in turn causes pain during breathing. However, an infection can also spread to the lungs and on to the pleura . In a pleurisy ( pleurisy ) there is typically pain on inspiration , especially in the thorax and back.

Of course, external effects of violence can also lead to back pain while breathing. When ribs bruised or broken ribs from a fall or accident breathing can be very uncomfortable. Last but not least, anatomical changes in the musculoskeletal system can cause the pain. For example, in malposition of the spine .

Between the individual ribs runs a nerve along with blood vessels around in each case a Brustkorbseite around. These so-called intercostal nervesmay be irritated by various circumstances and cause a so-called intercostal neuralgia. This is characterized by a belt-shaped, piercing around the upper body, piercing pain, which can be strengthened by strong respiratory movements, coughing or pressing usually.

Since the possible causes of Back Pain When Breathing are varied, in case of persistent symptoms only a medical clarification can reveal the definite cause.

Back Pain When Breathing through tension

Tension is a common cause of back pain. Breathing can also cause discomfort as the chest expands and pulls on the tense muscles. Tension is particularly common in the shoulder and neck area and on the side of the spine . Heat treatments and massages help to gently dissolve the tension. In order to prevent tension, sufficient physical activity and strengthening of the musculature is essential.

Back Pain When Breathing through pinched nerve

A pinched or irritated nerve can be the cause of breathing-dependent back pain. The nerves in the rib cage area run between two ribs around the chest halves. If such a nerve is irritated, it can cause severe pain. In particular, during inhalation it comes to the expansion of the chest and stretching of the musculature and nerves located there.

The stretching of an irritated nerve can then manifest itself through a stinging pain . If the cause lies in a blocked vortex, the restriction usually gives relief quickly. In many cases, however, no cause for the nerve irritation is found. It usually disappears by itself over time.

Back Pain When Breathing while lying down

Back Pain When Breathing, especially when lying down, may indicate muscular causes . Especially in people who have a lot of lying – for example, by prolonged illness – unpleasant tensions and hardening of the muscles can occur, which can hurt when breathing. Also dislocated facet joints can cause the symptoms. Since in principle very many causes come into question, a doctor should be consulted for longer lasting complaints.

Back Pain When Breathing locations

Pain when breathing in the lower back

Low Back Pain When Breathing can have various causes. In the lower back, changes in the musculoskeletal system are often responsible for the discomfort. For example, it can be a herniated disc , an irritated nerve or a vertebral body fracture . Even more often, the cause is in the muscular area . The lower back is daily exposed to high levels of physical stress.

Accordingly, tensions often occur thereon. Since the chest and abdomen are strongly moved, especially in deep respiratory movements, the muscle strands in the lower back also stretch. Tension or irritated nerves in this area can cause pain.

Also, internal organs can cause lower back pain, such as the kidney and the urinary tractand the internal sex organs . Persistent complaints should therefore be clarified by a doctor.

Pain when breathing in the middle back

Back pain in the middle When Breathing can be due to different causes. Again, the cause is often in the musculoskeletal system, as many people develop problems Back Pain When Breathing due to chronic lack of exercise and predominantly sedentary activities. Muscular tension , blocked vertebrae and irritated nerves are the result and can cause respiratory-related pain in the middle back.

It also causes inflammation of the lung and the pleuraoften to breath-dependent pain in the middle back. Upon inhalation, the lungs expand, and on exhalation they contract again. These movements often cause pain in infections. Typically, inhalation in this case is more painful than exhalation .

Also injuries of the ribs or vertebral bodies can cause respiratory pain in this area. In particular, in external violence, for example, in a fall or accident, should be thought of rib bruising or fractures. Intercostal neuralgias are more common in the mid-back . This is a Zwischenrippennerv irritated and causes piercing pain. These can sometimes be triggered by respiratory movements and typically run around a torso side in a belt shape.

pain when breathing in the upper back

Even in the upper back, respiratory-related pain can have various causes. Again, the cause is often in the musculoskeletal system. Tension is a common cause , especially in the shoulder region . There are also vertebral blockages and pinched nerves , which may be considered for respiratory pain. Disc herniations in the cervical spine area may also cause such discomfort, with pain less likely to occur as a function of respiration.

However, infections and inflammation of the lung and pleura typically cause Back Pain When Breathing ( especially during inhalation)). These can also be located specifically in the upper back. In the case of influenza-type infections, which are accompanied by severe coughing , upper back pain can also be caused by overuse of the chest muscles . Not least, the pain in the upper back can also occur in injuries of ribs or vertebrae .

Back Pain When Breathing diagnosis

For the diagnosis of Back Pain When Breathing a visit to a doctor is necessary. By a detailed description of the symptoms and a precise description in which situations and at which site the symptoms occur, the doctor can usually already make a limitation of the most likely causes.

For further clarification, a physical examination is essential in which the doctor, for example, scans the spine and muscles and listens to the lungs and the heart . These investigations can often be a diagnosis. Supplementary examinations could be an ECG , an ultrasound examination or an MRI .

Back Pain When Breathing Accompanying symptoms

Back Pain When Breathing may be accompanied by various other symptoms. This depends on the underlying cause. In the context of infections occurring back pain are usually accompanied by cough , runny nose , sore throat and other cold symptoms .

Even fevercan occur. In tension or dislocated vertebrae usually a pressure pain of the affected region and a palpable hardening in the muscles. A pulmonary embolism usually leads to shortness of breath , a rapid heartbeatand pain especially during inhalation. Sometimes sweats and fever occur.

Back Pain When Breathing and chest

Back Pain When Breathing and chest can occur in the context of influenza infections or problems with the musculoskeletal system. With flu-like infections with cough, it can come to a heavy strain on the chest muscles . This is then irritated and hurts breathing. Also, pleurisy can cause such breathing-dependent pain. If there are no symptoms of cold, the symptoms can also be from tension or dislocated vertebrae .

Last but not least, the heart should always be remembered for chest pain. heart attacks can cause chest and back pain, although these symptoms are not typically respiratory dependent. Nevertheless, a general medical examination is recommended for chest pain. Breathing-dependent chest pain, which occurs primarily during inhalation, may also indicate pulmonary embolism . This leads to a transfer of the pulmonary arteries through blood clots.

This can, for example, come from the deep veins of the legs. One should think of a pulmonary embolism, if the person last was immobile, had to take long periods of physical protection due to an injury, has a tumor disease or, for example, has returned from a longer flight, train or car journey. Mostly there is additional respiratory distress.

Back Pain When Breathing with lung pain

Back Pain When Breathing in connection with lung pain can occur in the context of influenza infections . The infection spreads to the lower respiratory tract or up into the lung tissue from, there is a bronchitis or pneumonia ( pneumonia ). This can lead to breath-dependent lung and back pain – especially if a strong coughing stimulus is added. Even a resulting pleurisy can cause severe pain. A medical treatment is necessarily indicated in these cases in order to achieve the fastest possible healing and to avoid complications.

Back Pain When Breathing Treatment / therapy

The treatment of Back Pain When Breathing depends on the underlying cause. Because the cause is often tension, heat and massage can help alleviate the discomfort. It may also be necessary to retract a slipped vertebra . In case of flu-like infections, the back pain usually clears itself off, even if the infection goes back. Very unpleasant complaints can also be temporarily treated with analgesics , but previously serious diseases should be excluded as the cause of the pain.

Back Pain When Breathing duration

Back Pain When Breathing is usually only temporary , as it is usually an expression of a transient musculoskeletal disorder or symptom of an infectious disease. If the cause is remedied, usually the back pain will reappear in a timely manner. Sustained complaints should definitely be clarified by a doctor to be able to provide relief as soon as possible.

Back Pain When Breathing
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