Abdominal Pain Right Side

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen. Under abdominal pain right is understood in the area of the right lower – or upper abdomen indicated pain, which may be different causes and different pain character.Abdominal pain is a very common and non-specific symptom of various diseases. The cause can range from a “harmless” constipation to a life-threatening organ perforation.

Abdominal Pain Right Side

All these illnesses can cause as a basic symptom abdominal pain right in the upper or lower abdomen. However, they differ in the course and severity of the general symptoms and the appearance of other concomitant symptoms. In the following individual illnesses are briefly explained. Here, a distinction is made between diseases in the right upper abdomen and diseases in the right lower abdomen.

Abdominal Pain Right Side

Pain , which is indicated in the area of ​​the right abdominal area , can be subdivided into

  • upper abdominal pain right side and
  • lower abdominal pain.right side

Depending on the area in which the pain is reported, other underlying diseases may be the cause and must be excluded.

Figure abdominal pain right side 

  1. Liver –  hepar
  2. Gallbladder – Vesica biliaris
  3. Stomach  gaster
  4. Large intestine, transverse part – Colon transversum
  5. Small intestine – intestinal tenue
  6. Large intestine, ascending part – ascending colon
  7. Cecum – caecum
  8. Worm- appendix – appendix vermiformis
  9. Fallopian tubes – tuba uterina
  10. Ovary – ovary
  11. Uterus – uterus

Upper abdominal pain right side

The right upper abdomen refers to the area between the belly button and ribs on the right side.
In this area lies above all:

  • the liver and
  • Gallbladder as well
  • Parts of the large and small intestine .

Accordingly, a breakthrough (perforation) of all these organs can lead to the most severe abrupt abdominal pain right side.
As a rule, the pain after the perforation initially a little better and then rise again up to the full screen of the acute abdomen .
For such a perforation are usually inflammations by, for example:

  • Ulcers in the small intestine ( ulcer perforation )
  • gall-bladder (cholecystitis) or
  • Tumors in the colon

Usually, this type of disease is also associated with fever and a very poor general condition. The gallbladder inflammation leads in addition to abdominal pain right side to the typical Murphy sign . The examiner presses his fingers under the right costal arch and asks the patient to take a deep breath.

An inflamed gallbladder is significantly enlarged and then presses against the examiner’s fingers. Since this is very painful for the patient, the inhalation is suddenly interrupted. Through tumors or metastases in the liver , this can swell and thus the so-called liver capsule paincause.

This also arises in the right upper abdomen and can also be triggered by palpation of the liver from the outside. The pain is described as a dull, visceral persistent pain.

In addition, the right diaphragm is high and there is also often fever. As a rule, all the upper diseases must be treated surgically, as perforation in the free abdomen is always a life-threatening disease.

Also, gallbladder inflammation can be surgically treated and removed because the quality of life without gallbladder is not limited and this is the simplest and most effective method of treatment.

Only abdominal pain right side, triggered by tumors or the liver capsule tension pain must be treated by other means.
Often it is important to alleviate the symptoms, a complete cure is not always possible.

The constipation (CC) is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain right side and can occur in all parts of the abdomen because it is a chair collection in the colon is. This can be caused by:

  • too low fluid intake
  • Transport disorders (peristalsis) of the intestine
  • Be medication.

You pain can occur in all positions. For example, some patients complain of abdominal pain right side while sitting.

The stool in the intestine is palpable on pronounced findings and leads to colicky pain, as the intestine tries to transport the stool by increased intestinal movements against resistance. The therapy consists in the implementation of an enema, as well as the regular intake of laxatives and sufficient fluid.

In the region of the right upper abdomen, individual sections of the intestine may have been displaced and cause pain even in the case of intussusception or diverticulitis .

In most cases, however, the located directly in the upper abdominal area abdominal organs are affected, which can fall ill and cause pain .

The most common cause of this  abdominal pain right side is gallbladder disease , which is located in the area. Often it is gallstones that are in the gallbladder and can cause discomfort on each contact with the gallbladder wall.

Especially after eating, when the gallbladder contracts to squeeze out the bile acids inside it, it can happen that the gallstones are pressed against the gallbladder wall and can trigger very severe pains in the area of ​​the right upper abdomen.

Also, it can happen that the stones are so large that they lay the outlet of the gallbladder and it comes to a bile acid accumulation. This too can lead to severe pain.

Chronic gallstones can also lead to inflammation of the gallbladder. In this case, the gallbladder wall thickens, it comes to inflammatory changes and sometimes very severe pain in the area of ​​the right upper abdomen. Diseases of the liver, in some, though rare, cases can also lead to right upper abdominal discomfort.

Malignant tumorsBut they usually do not complain, unless they are already well advanced. In the entire abdominal area but also isolated on the right upper or lower abdomen may cause discomfort in intestinal obstruction ( ileus ) or peritonitis ( peritonitis ).

Also with a liver tear , which arises mostly because of a previous trauma, it comes to violent, upper abdominal pain right side.

lower abdominal pain right side

The most well-known cause of abdominal pain right side is an inflammation of the appendix ( appendix ), also known as appendicitis is called. The pain is located in the right lower abdomen and are either pinpoint to pinpoint or radiate in the area above the right hip to the navel .

Shares are also included in this area:

  • of the small and large intestine
  • as well as the ureter (ureter)
  • Cecum (appendix)
  • in the woman fallopian tube (tuba uterina) and ovary (ovary)

The most common disease with pain in the right lower abdomen is appendicitis (appendicitis) . In appendicitis, there are increasing, migratory pains from the left into the right lower abdomen. At the same time many patients suffer from fever, vomiting and nausea.

Especially abdominal pain right side and nausea are a common symptom combination. In case of an appendiceal perforation, the pain can no longer be localized in a quadrant but presents in the form of the acute abdomen . Here the operation and removal of the inflamed appendix is ​​the only method of therapy.

Since the area of ​​the right lower abdomen is mainly filled by the small intestine and large intestine , most diseases of the intestine can trigger abdominal pain right side.

Invaginations , ie invaginations of the large intestine can also lead to spasmodic right-sided pelvic complaints.

In addition to the intestinal sections and the ureters from the kidney in the back area run forward to the bladder. A kidney or urinary stone that has loosened around the kidney, if it jammed just before entering the bladder in the ureter, can lead to colicky very severe pain in the area of ​​the right lower abdomen.

This pain is given as wavy partly very massive. These are oftenlocalizedlike colic in the lower abdomen and let the patient wander around, as many patients find the pain more bearable.

In the lower left abdomen (left) pain can usually be triggered by protuberances of the intestine when they become inflamed ( diverticulitis ). In some exceptional cases, however, it may happen that these congenital or acquired outpourings of the intestine on the right side of the intestine are inflamed. In this case, there are moderate to severe complaints on the right lower abdominal side. This pain is rather felt as dull.

Although chronic intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease occur in all parts of the intestine, but especially in the area of ​​the terminal ileum (end of the small intestine). This is located on the right lower abdominal side and leads there to prolonged dull pain through the intestinal wall inflammation. Furthermore, pelvic pain can be triggered to the right of various structures of the female internal genitalia.

These include the fallopian tubes ( ovaries ) and the ovaries (ovaries) . Ovarian cystscan be completely painless, but when these cysts burst or in a complicated position, a sudden, severe pelvic pain occurs on the right side. This is usually accompanied by severe general symptoms and fever and requires a quick operation.

A pregnancy outside of the uterus (extrauterine pregnancy) can also be found in the fallopian tubes or the ovary, where it can lead to severe inflammation and jamming of the running structures. In this case, shock signs and unconsciousness often appear very quickly after the strongest lasting pain has occurred for a short time.

Abdominal Pain Right Side symptoms

Depending on which underlying disease causes the symptoms, there are also different pain characteristics. An appendicitis causes sharp pains of very strong character and pulling in the abdomen . The pain can radiate into the upper abdomen but also into the right leg and increase over time. Characteristic are associated general symptoms, such as general state deterioration , fever and nausea or vomiting. Patients mostly can not lift the right leg. Pressure on the left side of the abdomen is answered with severe pain on the right side.

The typical complaints of a colic , as it is present in a urinary colic or a gallstone colic , are wavy complaints that are sometimes weaker. Again, it can come to the radiation of different kinds and show up as abdominal pain right side.

In intussusception spasmodic symptoms are characteristic, but disappear as quickly as they occurred. Here the general symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting are completely absent. In intestinal obstruction, on the other hand, in addition to very severe pain in the entire abdominal region and also on the right side, pain can lead to accompanying general symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting.

However, all symptoms and abdominal pain right side do not necessarily only occur on the right side.

Abdominal Pain Right Side diagnosis

When looking for causes of abdominal pain right side, especially the period is important since when the symptoms are present. Thus, for weeks to months existing complaints tend not to indicate an acute event, while pain that has been present for days or several hours and steadily become more likely to indicate an acute inflammatory process.

In the case of a medical examination, the abdomen should in any case be looked at more closely and looked at whether the area is distended and over-inflated or is in an inconspicuous state. During the physical examination, the abdomen must first be monitored with the stethoscope and the intestinal sounds must be characterized. Loud , metallic soundingBowel sounds (so-called upright bowel sounds) rather indicate an intestinal obstruction.

Inflammatory processes in the intestine are usually not noticeable on the basis of intestinalnoise changes.
After examining the bowel sounds with the stethoscope, the abdomen should be palpatedand the abdominal consistencyto be examined. It is important to pay attention to whether the abdomen is soft, which rather speaks for a more harmless course of the disease or board-hard, which could give indications of a needy situation.

Also, the pain sensitivity of the abdomen should be checked. If the patient only complains of slight pain during deep palpation, it is probably only a minor illness. In acute inflammation, deep abdominal stressing is often not allowed because of patient pain.

Characteristic of the inflammation of the cecum is the Abdominal Pain Right Side when touching the left side and the limited ability of the patient to raise or raise the right leg. Jumping or coughing is associated in the case of appendicitis with sometimes massive complaints or is not possible at all. In addition to the physical examination should be looked after general symptoms, such as fever and asked when the last bowel movement was.

Furthermore, an examination of the blood should be done to see if there are inflammatory reactions in the body. An ultrasound examination can also be used. Here, the gallbladder may be after gallstones or urethra for urinary stones. In some cases, the appendix can be examined for possible wall thickening with ultrasound.

Abdominal Pain Right Side treatment

The treatment depends on the type of the disease. Appendicitis is usually treated surgically . Here, either laparoscopically or openly, the appendix ( appendix ) is removed under general anesthesia. In the case of diverticulitis, it is usually awaited whether it is a chronic form of the disease (then rather antibiotic treatment) or an acute (partial removal of the operative part).

Depending on the cause, bowel obstruction must be treated surgically in almost all cases. If ureteral stones or gallbladder stones are responsible for the Abdominal Pain Right Side complaints, they may be due to a small catheterbe recovered (ureteral stones) or treated surgically. In gallbladder stones, the entire gallbladder is usually removed surgically. Even with gallbladder inflammation, the entire gallbladder is now surgically removed laparoscopically.

Abdominal Pain Right Side due to flatulence

Flatulence ( flatulence ) is a very common and sometimes burdensome problem in the population. Estimates suggest that about 10-30 percent of adults are affected. In many cases, for example, abdominal pain right side, bloating and bloating occur together.

But how does flatulence develop?

During digestion , gases such as methane , carbon dioxide or hydrogen are formed, especially in the large intestine . Large parts can be absorbed through small blood vessels in the intestinal wall and excreted odor-free via the respiratory air. However, when the amount of gas increases for a variety of reasons, they escape the intestine through unpleasant bloating.

Fine pain sensors in the intestinal wall can be stimulated by excessive production of intestinal gases, so that sufferers develop abdominal pain right side . Ultimately, this pain is possible throughout the abdominal area, as both the left and right colon loops are present.

Very violent, painful flatulence should be clarified under medical circumstances, in order to recognize more serious intestinal diseases in time. Otherwise, they are annoying, but rather harmless. The following triggers are known:

  • Too fast food intake and accidental swallowing of air
  • Sugary food
  • Unusually fiber-rich food
  • Food intolerances (eg lactose )
  • Inflammation of the intestine
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Frequent consumption of strong carbonated drinks
  • Altered intestinal bacterial flora after antibiotic therapy

For strong, convulsive abdominal pain right side and tormenting flatulence, medicinal herbs can help. These include fennel , anise , peppermint or even cumin . As a tea or tincture they relieve the symptoms and reduce flatulence. Heat applications (eg hot water bottle) additionally support.

Otherwise it is advisable to avoid the above triggers of flatulence and pain (eg by eating slowly).

Abdominal Pain Right Side under the rib

In the right upper abdomen, below the costal arch, lies the liver (lat. Hepar ). It is the central metabolic organ of our body and performs many tasks, such as detoxification, digestion and production of body proteins. At the bottom of the liver, lies the pear-shaped gallbladder . Here, especially the bile produced by the liver is stored and thickened. Both liver and gallbladder can cause discomfort!

The main trigger for Abdominal Pain Right Side under the rib, are gallstones (lat .: cholelithiasis ). In this extremely common disease, the composition of the bile shifts, so that individual components (especially cholesterol ) turn out to be a hard stone ( concretion ). Mostly this happens unnoticed and without symptoms.

In a biliary colic, on the other hand, a gallstone clogs the gallbladder ducts. Affected people suddenly suffer from very strong, colicky pain in the right upper abdomen or under the ribs. Due to the massive, sometimes almost unbearable pain, an analgesic treatment should take place in the hospital.

Even diseases of the liver itself, such as hepatitis or fatty liver, can be felt in dull, squeezing pain under the ribs. However, concomitant symptoms such as fatigue or jaundice (lat. Icterus) are in the foreground.

Abdominal Pain Right Side after eating

Many people complain of right abdominal pain right side after eating. For example, food intolerances, gallstones, infections or pancreatitis may be considered .

In recent years, the incidence of food intolerances such as lactose and fructose intolerance has increased significantly. Affected people are, for example, due to an enzyme deficiency unable to digest corresponding food components. As a result, abdominal pain, bloating or diarrhea .

Viruses or bacteria can enter the human body via contaminated food and cause an infection of the gastrointestinal tract. If you experience abdominal pain and vomiting a few hours after eating, you may have such an infection.

Abdominal Pain Right Side in the child

Children often suffer from abdominal pain right side due to their sensitive digestive system. As a rule, such complaints are harmless and disappear after a short time by itself.

However, caution is advised when your child complains of abdominal pain in the right lower abdomen . Because then it may possibly be appendicitis (lat .: appendicitis ) act!

In this disease, caused by various causes of the vermiform appendectomy of the cecum(lat .: caecum ), which represents the first part of the colon .

At first, sufferers feel dull, not well localized abdominal pain. Within 8-12 hours , the pain ” wanders ” into the right lower abdomen. Children then complain of burning, severe pain. Common concomitant symptoms include fever , vomiting , nausea , constipation or diarrhea . However, especially toddlers and infants can develop deviant symptoms! Typically, the pain is strongest at the so-called ” Mc Burney point “: it is halfway between the right anterior iliac spine and the navel.

If the pain in the right lower abdomen suddenly subside, it can be assumed that a so-called cecal perforation (lat. Perforation ) has taken place. Dreaded complication is now the sometimes life-threatening peritonitis (lat .: peritonitis ), as germs can get from the inflamed cecum into the abdominal cavity.

To avoid such complications, surgical removal of the inflamed appendix should be sought within a maximum of 48 hours. This so-called ” appendectomy ” is performed under general anesthesia and is one of the absolute routine procedures in German hospitals.

Already on the day of the operation, your child can already take unsweetened tea and start on careful medical advice with careful food intake (eg rusks). As a rule, two to four days of inpatient stay are sufficient.

Abdominal Pain Right Side diarrhea

We speak of diarrhea as soon as the stool frequency increases to more than three times a day, stool weight about 200g a day or has a liquid consistency.

In the context of abdominal pain on the right side, it may, for example, be an infection of the intestine with bacteria or viruses. Very often, diarrhea and abdominal pain can also be caused by food intolerance.

In some cases, liver disorders also manifest in right abdominal pain and diarrhea. It may also be appendicitis. Many people also suffer from the so-called irritable bowel syndrome and are particularly at risk in stressful situations for such complaints.

If the symptoms persist for some time, this may be an indication of a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease. This autoimmune disease causes inflammation of individual parts of the intestine and causes spasmodic pain especially in the right lower abdomen and slimy diarrhea.

Abdominal Pain Right Side around the right belly button

Abdominal pain on the right side of the belly button has many causes. In most cases, the symptoms are harmless and disappear by themselves. However, prolonged or particularly severe pain can be an indication of more serious illnesses of our body.

First, appendicitis must be safely excluded. In this disease, sufferers initially describe a dull pain in the region of the belly button (Latin: periumbilical ). In the course of the disease, the symptoms finally shift to the right lower abdomen.

If the abdominal pain is localized to the right below the navel, organs outside the digestive tract may also be considered. Thus, for example, a pyelonephritis (lat .: pyelonephritis ) circumscribed cause pain. Characteristic of this disease are also fever, urinary problems(Latin: dysuria ), flank pain and great weakness.

If you suffer from Abdominal Pain Right Side above the navel, the liver and gall bladder may be the cause (eg hepatitis , fatty liver or gallstones ).


Abdominal pain right side is a very nonspecific and common symptom which can have many causes. In most cases, these are harmless diseases, but life-threatening causes can also trigger this pain. For this reason, a precise diagnosis of abdominal pain by means of:

  • Anamnesis (medical history)
  • Laboratory
  • imaging techniques (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT)

indispensable. Often a conventional therapy was sufficient. In some cases, however, rapid surgery is the only treatment option.

Abdominal pain right side can have different causes. Right lower abdominal complaints are usually triggered by inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis). Typical is a tenderness on the right side when pressure on the left side. Furthermore, the patients have only limited ability to lift the right leg. In addition, there are general symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. In most cases, the only type of treatment is surgical removal of the appendix (cecum).

In rare cases, inflammation of the intestinal linings ( diverticulitis) lead to pain in the right abdominal area (more typical left side). In acute cases and chronic inflammation, partial removal of the intestine must be considered. In lighter cases, it is treated with antibiotics.

Upper abdominal pain right side can be triggered by gallbladder stones or inflammation of the gallbladder. Here, in most cases, the gallbladder is surgically removed as a therapy. Sometimes it comes to ureteral stones , which settle shortly before entering the bladder into the ureter and there can lead to Abdominal Pain Right Side discomfort.

As a therapyAn attempt can be made to retrieve the kidney stones through a wire catheter. If this does not work, the ureter must be surgically opened and the ureteral stones surgically removed.

Abdominal Pain Right Side
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