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How to Get Rid of Hiccups


How to Get Rid of Hiccups.Hiccups comprise as a result of diaphragm, stomach and chest cavity. The sound of the spasm comes to the fore during the hiccup with the blocking of the voice lines and the blocking of the breathing. There various reasons of hiccups. The sources of simple hiccups are mostly stomach gas, hot and spicy foods, and nervous disorders.

Also; some heart, liver, intestinal and pancreatic diseases, or pneumonia can be seen as etiology of hiccups. Hiccup is a frequent and spontaneous complication. Occasionally it can last from 2 days to sometimes more than 1 month (stubborn hiccups).

Cigarette or alcohol consumption, stress and emotional changes are the most common causes of hiccup. We have some suggestions to get rid of this situation which seems to be trivial but can become a problem if its frequency and length increase…

How to Get Rid of Hiccups with 22 Ways

Get Rid of Hiccups

Method 1

Holding breath is one of the most common and traditional methods recommended for hiccup. Regardless of its usefulness, anyone who struggles with hiccups is first try to solve this problem by holding his breath. On the contrary, hiccup can damage your diaphragm while holding your breath, and can cause greater health problems.

Method 2

It is said that if you breathe carbon dioxide, hiccup can be done. You can do this by breathing on a brown-bag.

Method 3

One of the remedies that cannot be found for hours is to drink a little bit vinegar. However, if you have frequent hiccup problems, it is not advisable to choose this method very often. In continuous use, vinegar can be harmful for your stomach and it can also cause some other problems.

Method 4

Dill tea is another kind of natural methods used for hiccup. If you dine with hot water, 2 cups of dill tea can be perfect solution.

Method 5

Mint tea is another natural method you can use to get rid of hiccups like dill tea.

Method 6

Another herbal tea that is beneficial for hiccup is daisy tea. The daisy tea will help to finish hiccup as well as provide your relaxation.

Method 7

Drinking water is as much a traditional method as holding your breath, but it works better than breathing. As you drink the water, you can get rid of the gas to accumulate there.

Method 8

Not holding your breath, but deep breathing may be a way to pass your sigh. You should be careful to take it correctly from the breathing diaphragm.

Method 9

To make mouthwashing with very cold water is also an effective method that can be used for hiccup.

Method 10

Get down, let yourself go and relax. Remove the focus point from the hiccups. When you relax enough, you will see the hiccup pass.

Method 11

Hold a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth for 5 seconds. Wait for your candy to melt without chewing. Drink a sip of water and your hiccup will pass.

Method 12

One coffee spoon peanut butter on your mouth for a few seconds. Then swallow and drink water. You also can reach the same effect with powder sugar has created by crushing hazelnut

Method 13

Keep a half a tea spoon of lemon juice in your mouth for a few minutes or mix water of one lemon into water and drink.

Method 14

Lean forward from your waist and drink a glass of water in this way. Drinking water in this position will help you get rid of the gas in your stomach and your hiccup will end.

Method 15

Scaring the person holding the hiccup is another traditional method. Although it has not scientific-base, it is a useful way of getting someone’s attention elsewhere and making sure they get the hiccup out of their minds.

Method 16

While swallowing, keeping the nostrils is another useful method.

Method 17

Some doctors recommend you to close your ears with your fingers to get rid of the hiccups. Vagus also reaches the sinus hearing system and stimulates the nerve endings to move the vagus nerve into action. Take care not to do this gently and do not press it into your ears.

Method 18

Some people have noticed that they can struggle with the hiccups after drinking gassy beverages. Besides, do not forget that doctors warn you that fizzy drinks are triggering hiccups.

Method 19

Hold the tip of your tongue with your fingers and pull. This movement stimulates the vagus nerves and reduces diaphragm contractures. Thanks to this traditional way, you can get rid of hiccups.

Method 20

If you are eating fast, you are often likely to struggle with hiccups. Easting fast causes to swallow air and this situation triggers vagus nerves. Triggered vagus nerves are one of the basic reasons of hiccups. You should learn to eat your food slower.

Method 21

Hiccup is a short-lived problem which you can be freed easily when calmly waiting. Instead of worrying, you should try to calm yourself.

Method 22

Persistent hiccups, especially those that last for more than 2 days and last more than 1 month, may be the first signs of a series of infections ranging from the underlying infection to cancer. Consider your continued hiccups that do not go away, spread over the day, cut your appetite, stop talking and sleep, and talk to a doctor.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups
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